How to use Charles

Many users are interested in the program of St. Charles and trying to understand its work.But before you set up and figure out how to use Charles, it is necessary to find out in more detail what this program is and what is needed.All these issues are of interest to users, and will be considered in this article.

Charles - proxy is a software that allows you to monitor all Internet traffic.After carrying out the connection, the browser on the computer receives data from the sites.This and all kinds of questions, answers, headers HTTP, which include cache information and receiving cookies.All proxy data are displayed as folders that are name servers.In each of them there are data showing events related to a specific server.All this further user may edit only need to understand how to work with Charles.

very first step - it is downloading and installing the required browser (in this case - Firefox), and then by the proxy of the Charles.You can install both paid and free version, they work the same way.After the installation process, and to run in Firefox, run the tab "Tools» - «Charels» - «Enable Charels», which will undergo a process of transmitting data to Internet servers to a specific computer.

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Before using Charles, it is necessary to install it.The process is usually easy and to not cause additional complications.After downloading the proxy on a computer, you must run the file exe.setup.The installation process will not need to change anything, you just always press "Next".Then, after the end, it is recommended to put the Crack.It is necessary in order to the program in the future are constantly reminded that registration is required.The file with the "crack" is copied to the replacement to the folder «Charles / lib».In addition, the program worked correctly on the computer is necessary to install Java.

mentioned above that this proxy works mainly with the browser Mozilla Firefox.In order to avoid any difficulty in the question of how to use Charles, for it is desirable to pre-install a plugin.It will keep under review all the existing issues.Any additional configuration is required after the installation program is ready to work.Will only run it.

to start full operation of Charles activated button «Start / Stop Recording», which is located on the toolbar and looks like a point inside a white circle.Its launch is started or stopped work to control traffic.Yes, and quite a good idea, before using Charles, read this menu.At the first stage it is possible that the proxy does not show the existing relationship with an internet server, or does not display folders geteveyami.Do not worry, the reason most likely is that the program is added to the ignore list, and the computer simply does not pay attention to it.You can check this by going to the proxy «Recording Settings» and opened Count Ignore Hosts.If the correct server exists in this location, it should be easy to remove by pressing the «Remove».Option to reinstall the program in this case does not help.

Edit specific request, for example, gateway.php, should be using the right mouse button: click on the desired line, choose the function of «Edit», make corrections, save and send to the server using the «Execute».To perform an action to intercept the request to the server, it is necessary to tear the desired folder, open it and select the menu command «Breakpoints».Then, in the toolbar, run «Enable / Disable Breakpoints» (looks like a red hexagon).After these actions incoming requests displaying a red arrow pointing down, outgoing, on the contrary, indicated by the arrow pointing upwards.

Well, it highlights that meet at how to use Charles.If the computer is not necessary for the correct operation of the program the browser Mozilla, nothing terrible.Charles works in the Opera and Google Chrome.It is only necessary to set up and edit the software.In Opera you can do so via the folder "Tools".Subsequently it is necessary to perform the following steps: "General Settings" - "Advanced" - "Network" - "Proxy servers", check the box HTTP and HTTPS, IP: and Port: 8888 Then save it all.Much the same must be done in the Chrome "Options" - "Change proxy settings" - "Connections" - "Use a proxy server".