Explore the nature of birthmarks

can predict their fate, or to unravel the nature of the people around them, bearing in mind where the mole.What matters is the shape and the color saturation of a particular mole.

many cases where multiple moles form any shape.The most unfortunate is considered to be a form of a cross.Also, do not bring good birthmark in the shape of a square and stars.Moles in the form of a triangle will bring a lot of happiness to man.

Here are some interpretations of the location of moles on his face.

1 -point famous "third eye", the eye of Shiva.Those who have it, has an infinite intuition, intellect and thirst for knowledge with a bias in mysticism.

2 -Strastny, jealous, legkorazdrazhimy people.

3 -Poetichnaya nature, a tendency to intellectual professions.

4 -This mole - evidence of deep love and fidelity, as well as sensuality and generosity.

5 -Izmenchivy, tangled temperament and short novels.

6 -Strast for travel, imagination and creativity.

7 - Unfounded jealousy, selfishness predominance in nature.

8 -Bezgranichnaya sensuality.Married life is rich in experiences.

9 -In regard to love, a predisposition to groundless guilt and a tendency to quarrels.

10 -Excellent memory, diplomacy, earthiness.

11 -Vkus to complication of love relationships and everything forbidden.

12 -Zaputannye sentimental connection, a man without a trace of passion given.

13 -Frequent quarrels and quick reconciliation.Carnal love prevails over platonic.

14 -Vozvyshenny and mystic turn of mind, a sense of universal love and quite an outstanding fate.

15 are independent, love of pleasure and travel.

16 -Zhazhda maternity (paternity), generosity, faithfulness.

17 -Potryasayusche seducer, the propensity to conduct shocking and scandalous events.Love for diversity, but marriage is serious.

18 -Pobeda sensibility over all other qualities.Fantasy and originality.

19 -Sklonnost to jealousy, lust and the only great love.

20-hard character, prone to depression.

21 -Vkus to changes in intellectual and in the love area.And, of course, the intricate connection.

22 -Podcherknuty eroticism, sexuality and infidelity.

23 -Yasny mind ordering.The will to grow both spiritually and materially.

24 -Hrupkaya psyche and health insecurity.

25 -Zhelanie get a traditional, strong family.In communion sweet and balanced person.Love for a quiet life and a penchant for conservative views

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