How to name the child's date of birth: church calendar

kid waiting period - the best in the life of a young couple.It will take a very short time, and the family will have another of its members, who by their presence alone will change the lives of their parents.Tiny feet stomped on the house, and the handle will be attracted to all that the little one will enjoy.

But next miracle waiting period usually is conjugate with one problem - what to call it a treasure that will soon see the light?Such withdrawal is called the child's date of birth (girl or a boy - not so important), although it seems simple, but is actually quite challenging.

In this case, as the choice of a name for a future baby, you need to take into account some very important nuances, so as not to spoil the child of his shortsightedness life in the future and not to make him suffer for years because of the ill-considered and hasty decision.

What influences the choice of the name?

Many disputes occur in the future parents about it.To address the issue attracted many friends, relatives, acquaintances.Everyone wants to make a contribution to the cause of choosing a name, it is no wonder it is considered that it determines the future life of the little man.And

important not only consonant with the name and patronymic.It is believed that in some way a name can influence the character and health of a member of society.The correct his choice, considered by many to give your child the opportunity to acquire the best qualities of character and achieve more in life.

tribute to fashion trends when choosing a name - Error parents

On how to name the child (by birth date is selected the name, not all parents depends very much. For many years, since the beginning of the era of the building of communism, it was fashionable to give the kid is ridiculous-sounding namesreflecting the events of the time. How many people ruined life is a passing fad!

terrible to imagine what had Dazdraperma Ivanovna, born on May 1 and received such a terrible name - derived from the name of this holiday ("Long Live May 1") brought by our life of this era! No better developed life and electrification, the Five-Year Plan, Stalin, though at the time such nonsense and were original, and at the same time provide the baby ghost "bright futureĀ».

What options are there?

But times change, and with it fade into the background and foolish innovation, returning to the world of the old, proven for centuries the tradition when choosing a name.Because of the huge number of ways, bearing in itself the solution of the question of how to name the child (by birth date, for example), there are several of the most common.

Very often when you select a name for the newborn using a tribute.In this case, give the child the name of the man who in life parents played a big role.This can be a pretty close friend or relative, and popular person, an athlete, a politician, a singer or an actor.However, when deciding on the choice of this method should be borne in mind that there is a risk of repeating the fate of the man child, in honor of which it got its name.

also often referred to by kids calendar, or the Orthodox calendar.This method has existed since ancient times, and many parents are turning to him.The issue as to name the child on the date of birth of the church kadendaryu in this case is very simple, because there are a great number of beautiful, sweet-sounding and current names until now.

in the matching date of birth day commemorating many of the saints, which enables selection of liked the name.In this method, you can select the names and those saints whose memory is revered not only in the child's birthday, but also on the 8th or 40th day.After all, "eight" is a symbol of eternity, and the number 40 is intended to designate the sacrament of baptism.How to name the child's date of birth?Church calendar will help young parents decide.

Mite put forward to astrology and numerology in the matter of choosing the name

very popular and selection of a suitable name in accordance with the signs of the zodiac and its numerical value.Many parents in dealing with such burning questions as to name the child, date of birth, and some other data relied on numerology and astrology.From the perspective of these disciplines, the combination of sounds in a name, as well as the appropriate Horoscope allow both strengthen and weaken some of the features in the character of the child.

Much attention is paid by many and the value of the name.When parents use this dictionary Russian personal names, containing all the necessary information about the meaning and origin of one or other of them.The most useful and are most popular in this case turned out to be the publication of authors such as Tikhonov, AV Superanskaya NA Petrovsky.

Secrets of the popularity of Old Church Slavonic names

Now most of the old values, which were popular among the ancient Slavic names, both female and male, have ceased to be a mystery.Any person, even at the level of intuition became clear their meaning.

For the most part they are positive and good power.Take, for example, names such as Yaroslav - "bright fame", or Ludmila - "for people dear."They are not only known to all, but also very popular.

What is hidden in the names come from ancient times?

When deciding what to call the child's date of birth (a boy, for example), many modern parents prefer to name it Vladislav (owning fame), Vsevolod (vsevladeyuschim) and Lubomir (for those who love peace, peace-loving).And for the girls will pick up no less euphonious names - Svetlana (light), Snezana (white-haired), Milan (sweet).Such names and power is very good, and they are pleasant to the ear.

old names still known from the history of ancient Slavs, very flattering for most parents.After all, if you follow these traditions and called the child's date of birth, name the boys can be such great names as Yaroslav, Svyatoslav, Rostislav, Mstislav, Igor and Vyacheslav.These names of the great Russian princes.In addition, they are still included in all church calendars.

Contact name a surname and patronymic

When parents are given such a question as to name the child, date of birth and a patronymic to navigate better in the first place.It should be noted that the name must be combined with a middle name, so that they not only sounded decent, but pronounced easily, without any mangling.

After unpronounceable combinations such as, for example, Alexander often remade in most post - San Sanych, changing it from the point of view of numerology, and the fate of the so-called man, and give him some discomfort.

In addition, the name must be chosen well with the name and sound at the same time harmonious.After all, such a combination as Juliet Ivanov and Gorshkov Rodrigo, completely unsuccessful, and do not bring the person wearing them, nothing but ridicule.Any exotic name well will be combined with a rare name for the Russians.

pet form of the name and initials.Is it important to take them into account?

should pay attention to the fact that the chosen name should be somewhat diminutive versions that sound quite sweetly.For example, Tatyana - Tanya, Tanya, Tanya.If there is no short name, the kids still come up with it.Only completely is the fact that such an invention like the name of the carrier.

initials, which are always present in writing a person of their data, too, have an undeniable importance in the case when future parents decided to call the baby.Date of birth, they are oriented or not, is not important.Although it would seem that it is a trifle - the initials.But this little thing can bring a very big trouble.

Be sure to pay attention to what, do not add any initials into something indecent and ugly.

psychologists Tips on choosing a suitable name

Psychologists engaged in the study of how the name affects the character of a particular person, give the following advice.

  1. Babies who are born in the winter, the most suitable and soft melodious names that contain a large number of vowels and sonorous sounds.Names, wearing a consonance, designed to smooth out the "severity", which is present in winter children.And in dealing with such a question as to name the child (by birth date here, too, should be guided) for children who were born during this period should focus on names such as Benjamin and Liliana, Miroslav, Arseny, Vitalina and others like them.
  2. Spring kids are best suited tougher names that will give strength and confidence.They should stand out sounds such as s, p, f, g, h. A good option would be Gregory, Rostislav, Zlata, Bozena, Robert.
  3. Infants born in the summer, a good option would be the most sonorous and unusual names, for example, Nazarov, Mariana, Zlata.They add to the character of the person wearing them purposefulness and activity.
  4. to fall should be viewed simply and quietly names.Children of this season - the real realists, so the warmth and tranquility that give the names of Pauline, Hippolytus, Antonina and Vadim certainly enjoy your baby.

Many ways exist to choose the name of the child, but in any case we should not forget that with him the baby receives and further their own destiny.