How to make a gauze diapers for the newborn with their hands?

With the advent of new baby in the family, its members gain a lot of trouble and responsibilities.So, the baby should first be fed and properly dressed.In this case, it is comfortable, and the newly formed Mommy will be much calmer.Currently, manufacturers of children's products offer a wide variety of diapers.It may be personal care with Velcro or in the form of shorts.They are suitable for single use.After using such an object is disposed of hygiene.You can also choose reusable panties with special soft inserts.The inner part of the diaper is removed and subjected to washing.

Many moms use the grandmother's method, allowing them to save money.This article will tell you how to make your own hands gauze diapers.This device can be used several times.You need only wash cloth and dry it.

How to gauze diapers for a newborn?

There are several convenient ways to fold a prepared tissue.It is worth noting that the accessory does not necessarily make the gauze.You can select as a basis the old bedding and soft towels.That is what mom and grandmother decades ago.

If you decide to use gauze diapers for newborns (how to make an accessory - you will learn later), you must first purchase the necessary materials.Buy it at any pharmacy or shop specializing in the sale of medical equipment.Gauze should be dense.Do not skimp on the basis of.Otherwise Suchai you can not make a gauze diapers newborn quality.

Material Handling

How to gauze diapers for babies with their hands?First we need to properly handle the foundation.It does not matter what you choose as a material.Of course, it should be breathable, soft and pleasant to the body tissue.Also, you should choose a good absorbent body.

Cut cheesecloth or other material on a few square pieces.Size should not be large or very small.If you use it the gauze, then it will have to put in some time.In this case, it is necessary to make a workpiece with sides not less than 70-80 centimeters.When choosing a cotton or linen denser structure can be cut square of the length and width of 50 centimeters.

before a gauze diapers for a newborn, you need to properly handle the material.Make it better in a few days or weeks before the birth.In this case, you will have a model that you can immediately start using.Wash the fabric with the addition of baby soap in hot water.Many modern mom used to this automatic machine.Dry the product, and iron with a hot iron.Also worth a workout in the decommissioning of hygiene.There are several options how to make gauze diapers for the newborn.Consider them.

product "Solitaire»

How to gauze diapers for the newborn in this way?Everything is very simple.Fold a large square of cheesecloth in half.Repeat manipulation again.As a result, you should have four layers of tissue.Fold the workpiece on a diagonal so that the left triangle.

Put a diaper with the blunt end in their favor.On it, place the baby.The blunt end of the product rewound between the legs and place the child on his tummy.The sides of the tie between them in pupochka.Also, they can just tuck inside.

diaper "Rectangle»

can be fixed with conventional panties or rezinochki gauze diapers for newborns.How to make such an accessory?Take a cloth or gauze and fold it in half.Repeat two more times manipulation.As a result, you get a long rectangle.

Put the product in front of an upright.On it, place the baby.One edge should remain under the back, another held between the legs.Fix this diaper will help advance cross-linked gum or rope.You can also put on the crumbs fabric panties or sliders.

«Hungarian" version diapers

Lay out a square piece of cheesecloth.The lower part of the pick and roll your hands so that the angles in your fingers are aligned with the upper ends.Then, align the right side to the left, folding fabric in half.The lower right corner and fold gently pry.You should get the form of a triangle or a headscarf.Gently turn the product on the other side of the lower self.Take the remaining rectangular cut and fold several times.

resulting product is put on the baby.Folded box rewound between the legs of the crumbs.The left corner of the diaper put on top and tighten at the back.The same method coming from the right part of the product.Secure Area, wrapped it in a belt.

Comfortable ear

gauze diapers for newborn babies may consist of ordinary liners.In this case, you have to prepare waterproof pants or regular underwear.Take a square piece of gauze and fold them in half.Then place in the center of a small piece of tissue.Alternatively, you can take an old towel.Thereafter, using a sewing machine prostrochite gauze ends.As a result, you get the so-called insert - seal.It should be noted that such a product will be more reliable than those presented above.However, to dry after washing it will be longer than the expanded gauze.

Place the workpiece in shorts or pants kid.Then you can put them on the child.

use gauze bandage

diapers for a newborn can be created out of the ordinary bandage.In fact, it's the same gauze.However, they have slightly different dimensions.It is worth noting that this does not serve you for a long time.It can be used in cases of emergency, when all the blank end.

Take a roll of bandage and expand it.Cut about three meters of the product and fold it in half several times.Due to the fact that most of the bandages are sold as sterile, a diaper can not pre-wash and ironing to do without.Put the resulting rectangle between the legs of the baby and fasten it all the same rezinochkoy or panties.

Conclusion So, now you know what a gauze diapers for newborns (how to do).Stock material for the preform is presented in the article.Remember that these items need to be replaced more frequently than conventional diapers.Otherwise, the child will feel very uncomfortable, because his delicate skin is irritated by moisture.Wash these diapers can be an unlimited number of times.On one day for a newborn baby, you will need about 15-20 pieces.They dry pretty quickly at room temperature.Remember that after the treatment it is necessary to iron product.This will destroy pathogens and bacteria.