How to create a server css, tips for beginners

The main purpose of this article is to tell new users how to create a server css.To start with everyone who wants to perform it to continue to play the way you want, you have to decide what it will take.In the first place is to be determined the speed of the Internet.And plays an important role not so much a part of, and how many coming as the first - is the speed with which a user receives information and it will play a role only for the partners of the game.But the second most important player, as he will be the hosting company, and its tasks will include the provision of server services.And this is only on the outbound speed.Therefore, it is important to check and so how to create your desired server css without fail.The site need to enter your current ip address.Below it will be seen the inscription "speed Internet connection."That's it, and you should click.If the test result shows less than 1,000 incoming kb / c, and outgoing - below 500 kb / s, it makes no sense to create a server: nothing will be just wasting your time and nerves.

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second step in addressing the issue of how to create a server css, is to determine the external IP-address.Togo, which can not be determined on the local network and the Internet on a global scale as a whole.We need it to accommodate the server created and obtain information about it (if there is, if not, is it possible to connect and so on. D.) You can ask your provider.

third, also an important role in the creation of a computer server configuration plays.Not necessarily that he was otherworldly power.For the comfort of the game is required.Still, certain conditions before you create a server css, should be considered.For Windows XP and Linux RAM should be at least 512 MB.For a more modern systems approach 1-2 GB.The processor is not suitable for dual-core below.Only when all these conditions will be visible performance, which is easy to determine: whether the machine will run the news, or simply you can play the beautiful game.In fairness it should be noted that the recent good enough car, suitable for games purchased easily.

And now for the question of how to create a server cs source.Careful study of and compliance with this instruction problems should arise.All actions are performed step by step.

1. The distribution for Windows.First you need to download a small program from Valve - HLDSUpdatetool.She will get a reliable server distribution that is to be created.

2. Once downloaded to a PC utility, proceed to its installation.It will be successful, if you define the path, for example, D: \ Server, and select the country in a bid to find Europe.We go to a specified folder and run HldsUpdateTool.exe., Then opens two windows, and begins the upgrade process.This should be done necessarily, because it is not the latest version.

3. Now start to download the server.The time that will be spent, depending on the connection speed and the ISP may be from 5-20 minutes to several hours.Press "Start" and "Run."Introduction entry must be changed to a specific desired path, and in the end instead of the C: \ srcds specify the folder where the server will be installed.Once all these steps will download the game server.Do not forget before you create a server css, check that there is sufficient space on your hard disk.

Before starting the file should be set to indicate the path to the server: c: \ srcds \ cstrike \ cfg \ server.cfg.Instead, the first two entries designated path and type of game.

running server starts after the launch of bat-file.They are plain text documents that are small in volume and using the most simple scripting language.Save all the steps you take and forward to new game achievements!