How and when to apply the swipe Sun "Bronziada": reviews Women

So you want to be always fresh and tanned, as if just a resort.Not everyone has the opportunity to fly in the winter somewhere warmer climes in the sunny summer to relax and lie on the beach.What to do?You can go to the solarium.Just do it all fits.In addition, there is an opinion, and arguable that part of his use of the port and the old skin.Then there's another way: the use of a tool such as wipes Sun "Bronziada."Reviews of women say that their effect is simply stunning.

composition of the product

Napkins made of natural fibers impregnated with a special tool, which contains the following substances:

  • Digidrosiatseton .It is a natural product made from sugar cane.It penetrates into the top layer of the epidermis, which reacts with proteins and amino acids.The result of this interaction becomes the formation of melanoidins - unique substance that appears after exposure to the sun.They give the skin a natural tan.
  • Vitamin E .Napkins Sun "Bronziada" contain it to ensure skin elasticity and prevent premature aging.
  • Moisturizing Complex .Needed to saturate the upper layers of the skin with moisture, which gives it elasticity and fresh look.

recommended To remedy?

Napkins Sun "Bronziada 'reviews about which you can find below, are an excellent option to give your skin a fresh and tanned look for the following categories of people:

  • inhabitants of the northern regions, where the sun is very small;
  • those who do not fit the usual self-tanning creams;
  • people with light sensitive skin that often burns in the sun;
  • people who are contraindicated stay on the beach and solarium.

How to apply?

worth outset that for the face and body, you can use wipes Sun "Bronziada."Their price is an average of 340-400 rubles per 4 pieces.This means that a package will be enough to give the whole body a seductive natural tan.We proceed as follows:

  1. to take a shower with gel and scrub or a hard sponge to remove dead skin cells.It is necessary to obtain a clean shade.
  2. wipe dry with a towel.
  3. Take a swipe from the packaging and wipe their entire body, including the face, avoiding the eye area.
  4. After the process thoroughly with soap and my hands to the colorant has not made our orange palm.
  5. expect 5-10 minutes until completely absorbed funds.
  6. dress.

effect can be noted in 3 hours using the wipes.And on the next day it will reach the maximum.

Napkins Sun "Bronziada": reviews women

noteworthy that people often use this product to give your skin a natural tan.Reviews about this tool, women mostly positive.They say that wipes very effective.The advantage of this means before products like action is that after their application does not leave streaks.The tone goes smoothly.The colorant is absorbed completely, without dirtying clothes.Women say that one swipe will be enough to use it on the face, neck and upper chest.The effect of its application lasts approximately 4 days.Then, if there is a desire to extend the product you want to use it again.

We reviewed how to use such means as wipes Sun "Bronziada."Reviews say that they are popular with women.