'The Japanese economic miracle'

After the war, in 1945, Japan's devastation reigned.However, since 1950 the country began to evolve rapidly.What are the reasons for the "Japanese economic miracle"?

Mostly, governments have focused on education and high technology.The Japanese began to buy up all over the world advanced design and implement them in their own production.Along with this was the training of qualified personnel."Japanese economic miracle" would be impossible without highly educated professionals who are able to work with the new developments using advanced technologies.

In 1950 the share of industry in the country throughout the capitalist world accounted for only two percent.Twenty years later - already sixteen percent.By 1968, Japan was already in third place (after the US and the Soviet Union) in terms of production.By 1980, the country pushed the Soviet Union.

firms in the state formed on the principle of "community."Workers rarely fired, aiming, on the contrary, strengthen the people various privileges.Thus, every employee feel part of the organization.

"Japanese economic miracle" was made possible by automation.It produces widespread introduction of robots and computers.This allowed the release of qualified personnel from the toil and transfer them to mental work.

the 90 th year, Japan is firmly ranked second in the world in terms of production volume.The country is at the same time was the first place in terms of per capita GDP.

"Japanese economic miracle" - is mainly the world's lowest rates of unemployment and inflation.

It should be noted that the rapid development of the country has slowed down for the first time in the mid-seventies.It was connected with the global crisis (energy and economic).Due to the fact that the country has no energy resources of their own, she suffered more than other countries.In crisis come to the surface and some other problems.Thus, the apparent shortcomings of the social sphere: official corruption and lack of attention to issues of health and safety.

However, technological power has allowed Japan to overcome the crisis with minimal losses.The government has invested heavily in energy and measures to protect the environment.

"Japanese economic miracle" led to the well-being of the state's population, the growth of wages.It is possible to increase the quality and production costs.

Between the new world crisis, Japan has also suffered badly enough.However, despite the sharp decline in global demand for machinery and automobiles, industrial production continued to grow.

It should be noted that the last half-century in power in the country was a conglomerate of officials from the middle class and the big capitalists who formed parastatal system.According to researchers, the irresponsibility of the government's social policy has led to a crisis of governance.The Liberal Party has not fulfilled its obligations to the population.The country began to grow youth unemployment.As a result, in 2009, in November, elections were held in Japan.It should be noted that Japanese voters differ conservatism.However, the people refused to trust the Liberal Party, voted for a Democratic.

"Japanese economic miracle" enabled the country to strengthen its position on the volume of production in the world.In addition, the country was able to avoid the destruction of the accumulated potential.

Today, Japan is one of the most developed countries, and its population continues to maintain a high standard of living.