As a child there were a host of the Holy Sepulchre

Crusades were among the events that define the face of medieval Europe.It is widely known eight "license" of the Crusades to the Holy Land, however, historians today recovered 18 such events in medieval Europe.Some of them are so desperate and absurd that affect modern man.For example, in 1212 there was a "Children's Crusade."

So march to Palestine in 1212 was preceded by a well-known fourth crusade, which ended with the collapse of this ideology: the cherished dream of the Christians did not come true, but to Jerusalem, as well as several other cities were ransacked.

Hike showed many leaders all pretense of the idea of ​​hiking.The behavior of many orders of chivalry in the Holy Land played no role in the final split of the Western Catholic Church and the Eastern Byzantine.However, the dream of the return of the Holy Sepulchre is not left ordinary Christians.No sooner had the knights disperse houses in Rome again rumors about the new campaign.

all started in Germany in the spring of 1212, probably in the month of May.The German army was directed to Italy, to sink to the court and go to Palestine.Great was the surprise of soldiers in Cologne when they were joined by a countless army of children and adolescents, whose leaders have said they are also sent to the Crusaders and the Holy Land.

such phenomena encountered German troops in France.By 25 000 children and teenagers from Germany were joined by about 30 000 French teenagers.All of them were under the leadership of Stephen Shepherd Klua.According to him, Jesus himself appeared to him in a dream in the guise of a monk, and commanded the children and lead a crusade to Palestine without arms and horses to take the city of Jerusalem and to "liberate the Holy Sepulcher is only one name on the lips of the Lord."

«Knights and adults unable to liberate Jerusalem because they were there with dirty thoughts.God is departed from them, hardened sinners.We - the children, and we are pure "- called Stefan.

Today it looks at least strange.But it is necessary to take into account that the Children's Crusade had a very strong political support.Hike children was approved not only the commander of the German army, but the Franciscans, who were well-known for his preaching of asceticism and humility.Order weighed in Rome, but because the campaign has been endorsed by the Pope.

Sons Crusaders grew steadily.By the time of the approach to the Alps to count their exact number was impossible.Today, many researchers believe that most of the children with the Crusaders were still teenagers and young men.

Nevertheless, many medieval chroniclers and chroniclers mention older and peasants, including women and the elderly.Often the procession joined by criminals hiding from justice.

easy to guess that the children's campaign had virtually no serious organization, in spite of all the spiritual and political support.Children's army was forced to endure a lot of hardship and deprivation.

Even in Germany the trip participants began to die of starvation and disease.A particularly difficult period for the army began crossing the Alps.The snowy mountains froze several thousand children.

However, despite all this, more than half managed to reach Italy.During the alpine transition, the army of children was divided into several parts.On arrival in Italy from disparate units slowly formed the main group.

first consisted mainly of German children who have very little.The second - from the French.Children from France soon headed for the south of Italy.The procession was accompanied by troops of the daily mass prayers.Such was the children's view of the world.

However, the sea never made way for a righteous army.However, the campaign agreed to help local merchants, they gave the children the ships to Algeria.

reached the shores of Africa, the campaign is over, do not set foot in the kingdom of heaven.As it turned out, European merchants were in a conspiracy with Arab slave traders.Thousands of children have sold into slavery.The involvement of children in Germany was as unenviable, most of them were killed by robbers or sold into slavery, returned from a failed campaign only small scattered groups of children with the Crusaders.

Neither Rome, none of the orders did not react to this event.Many historians point to evidence that some of the purses of merchants, knights and even the clergy in the course of this "crusade" has increased tenfold.

Despite all the horrors of children's crusade, Rome did not leave the idea of ​​the liberation of the kingdom of heaven.Five years later, in 1217 to begin a new campaign in the Holy Land, which will be called the "fifth".

During this "sluggish" and unsuccessful campaign lay down their heads thousands of crusaders - as the knights and common soldiers.Nepravovernye give Christians coveted city, but it will not start the beginning of an era of peace, but only a prelude to a new chapter of the bloody events.

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