Melon "Torpedo": calorie, use, cultivation

fragrant, juicy, sweet amber melon "Torpedo" and asks in her mouth.I want to quickly take a bite of her tender flesh, blissfully close your eyes and enjoy the divine taste.But those who are on a diet and moderation in diet, interested, not too sweet melon "Torpedo"?Calorie it 38-39 kcal, so wishing to lose weight or keep your weight normally nothing to worry about.They can make a fragrant beauties of salads, cocktails or just cut yourself a crowbar or two juicy vegetables and eat it.


Melon Melon "torpedo" calorie is a small, but how much it is hidden good!It will saturate the body with vitamins A, B1, B2, C Still, this fruit is rich in chlorine, potassium, calcium, sodium, iron.It is important to know what kind of a melon, "Torpedo" calorie and benefits, not only to those who strictly follow the figure, but those who drink tablets.After all, this juicy vegetables increases the force of their impact, reduces harm and side effects.Useful melon those sick with blood cancer, heart disease.

Melon shows almost everything, except for people with diabetes and kidney disease.It improves metabolism, strengthens the immune system, the nervous system.Just one slice of melon is able to satiate and cheer up.Will melon "Torpedo", which is low calorie, and rejuvenate.She will have antioxidant effects, improve the condition of hair, skin.A man who uses this useful vegetable, can not only lose weight but also look great.Beauty mask made from a melon, causing slurry for 20 minutes on the face.

Melon "Torpedo": growing

Once found so many useful properties of the melon, you just need to know how it can be grown on its site.Of course, it is best to grow it in the southern regions.The ideal place for the cultivation of Uzbekistan is.It was from there bring honeyed fruit, whose weight can reach up to 15 kg.Of course, a record holder in size in the middle lane did not grow, but the fruit weight 4-5 kg ​​it is possible to get.To do this you need to know what conditions prefers melon "Torpedo", this photo will help visualize.

Two important conditions

Firstly, the plantation need fertile land.The root system is shallow at it, it no longer grows in breadth, so it is enough of a fertile layer of 20 cm. Farming growing melon similar to cucumber.Those - similar root system, the whip, the growing conditions.If the melon and cucumber will grow in a greenhouse, pollination may occur, and the fruits of melon will have a taste of cucumber, melon so close to him do not put.

Poured fertile soil composed of peat, black earth and humus in the ratio 1: 1: 3 and germinated seeds are planted at a distance of 50 x 80 cm.

Second, the melon is very demanding to heat.Therefore, in the middle lane, it gives good results only in the glazed greenhouse or greenhouse polycarbonate.Melon every 3 weeks watering mullein infusion.

early as the end of August you can enjoy the fruits of melon Buda "torpedo".Calorie it is small, and the use of certain, so we can feast on the fruits of plenty, not worrying about the shape.