"HOME" - the plant protection product

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Protection of plants - important branch of agricultural science.It is developing methods to combat diseases, pests and weeds numerous, and the consequences of their actions.As is known, in this fight one of the measures is to use a large number of different chemicals, including fungicides.

These substances can be systemic or local action.Recent hardly penetrate the plants, but remain on the surface and prevent fungal infection diseases.Pathogens are killed by contact with such substances, so called contact formulations, for example: "Kuprozan", "Zineb", "Hometsin", "Bordeaux mixture", "HOME" (the preparation of copper oxychloride), "Sulfur Colloid."The protective effect of these drugs is reduced by partial flushing them during rainfall, but still remains.

Assignment "HOM"

"HOME" - a well known drug growers.They have long been successfully used it to protect vegetable and fruit crops.Copper oxychloride used to combat downy mildew on onions and cucumbers, late blight of potatoes and tomatoes, various diseases of ornamental plants and flowers.

to treat leaf curl from peaches, pears and apple scab also use the drug "HOME".Reviews gardeners confirmed its high efficacy against mildew and rot of grapes plums.Moreover, copper at the time was perhaps the most appropriate way to fight against this disease solar berries, as well as the cheapest, yet do not appear organic fungicides that do not contain copper.

drug "HOME": instructions for use of copper oxychloride

- crystalline powder blue-green color, without a smell.This is a complete replacement for Bordeaux mixture, but unlike her, "HOME" - the drug more convenient and already ready to use.Inferior mixture only in the ability to hold the leaves.

prepare a working solution is very simple: first, means "HOME" is diluted in a small amount of water, then stirring constantly, add a liquid to the desired volume.The treatment plant should be carried out in clear weather with no wind and air temperature no more than 300, while trying to evenly wet the surface of the leaves.All the prepared solution to be used in one day.

All cultures were sprayed during the growing season, except for ornamental plants, they should be treated before and after flowering.In order to better working solution detained on plants, it can be added in an amount of skim milk, 1% of the total volume.
Protection period fungicide lasts 10 to 14 days, while the stability of pathogens to copper oxychloride does not arise.

"HOME" - drug environmentally friendly, for a short time the soil microorganisms it is completely decomposed to simple substances, leaving traces of chemicals.To prevent the accumulation of the active substance in fruits, drug treatment was stopped 20 days before harvest.For grapes, this period is increased to 30 days.


drug "HOME" - a substance belonging to the third class of danger, srednetoksichnoe for humans and animals.For bees, too, is some danger, so plants should not be sprayed during flowering.Honey working women should be isolated for 5-6 hours before and after handling cultures.Work on the plant spraying is carried out in overalls, after the end of the need to change clothes, wash your face and hands with soap and water.Eating and drinking, and smoking during the spraying are not allowed.For most crops, the drug is not phytotoxic, but some plants at high humidity can cause burns on the leaves and brown mesh on the fruit, so the maximum effect from the agent "HOME" is achieved in areas with dry summers.