Aristotle Onassis: The way to success

Aristotle Onassis is one of the most charismatic and controversial personalities of the last century.The biography of this man until today is haunted by historians, economists and businessmen, tried in vain to understand the formula for success, which has been so easily solved by the Greek billionaire.

Aristotle Onassis: biography

The man destiny favored from the beginning of his life.He was born in a family of highly successful entrepreneurs engaged in the sale of tobacco products.It happened in January 1906 in the city of Smyrna.By the way, then the territory has belonged to Greece, and later was attached to the Turkish state.Today is known as Smyrna Izmir.The boy's parents had everything: a luxurious house, a successful business, substantial revenue.However, with the arrival of the Turkish army came to an end around.Family urgently had to leave their homes and fled deep into Greece.The son, who by then a teenager, was sent to Argentina in search of a better life.In the new country the first thing Aristotle Onassis got a job - to the post office in Buenos Aires.And I spent some time, sitting all day long in the post office.However, this service brought the boy is extremely low wages that it clearly did not like.

Then Aristotle decided to deal with postal affairs on the night shift, and in the afternoon to take up the familiar and habitual thing for him - trade.And from that moment his life began to change rapidly.After all, tobacco trade was incomparably more lucrative.Because of its penetrating ability, perseverance and, most importantly, an incredible communication skills, the guy was able to quickly put together a little capital.Successful trading is not only significantly improve the financial position of Aristotle, but also influenced his fate: at such an enterprising young man drew the attention of his countrymen, who worked in the embassy of Greece in the capital of Argentina.Guy was offered a tempting Consul General that he accepted with pleasure.However, having been engaged in administrative work, Aristotle Onassis did not cast a modest business.And soon it became a big deal.By the 25th anniversary, he earned his first million.A special gift and gained experience by the time suggested the young millionaire now, which continue to send their foot in the business.He quickly orient in the world economy trends in the mid XX century, and concentrated all its efforts on the construction and operation of oil tankers.

In fact, he was the first in the world began to be engaged in this business is really big.This allowed him to take the time to empty niche and earn his first billion.After the stunning success of Aristotle Onassis, a photo of which at the time became known around the world, came back to live in his homeland, Greece.That, however, does not befall his mobility.In 1957, the Greek government has transferred billionaire national airline, and the latter became their owner and manager.In this case he did the rest of his life.One of the most successful people of the past century, died of natural causes in March 1975.Then he was buried in a chapel on the Greek island of Skorpios.