This is interesting: why men grow a fingernail on the little finger?

Typically, men are not too concerned about the appearance and the health of their upper extremities, or rather, hands and fingers.If they are classified as hard workers or villagers, the skin on them is usually weathered, rough, calloused, the nails - uneven, with broken edges.One can see that a person is engaged in heavy physical labor.Do social workers, creative, whose activities are connected more with intellectual pursuits, appearance, of course, a neat and well-groomed.In general, the higher a person standing on the steps of the social ladder, the more attention he pays his appearance.

long fingernail on the little finger: signs and their significance

Even intelligent representatives of a strong half of mankind nails short.We are used to manicure - female privilege.But from time to time come across and boys, young people, middle-aged, who can compete in this respect with the ladies.And the question arises: "Why do men grow a fingernail on the little finger?"There are many answers!

1. To begin, let us turn to this past centuries.Pushkin on a smaller finger always wore a gold thimble.He covered pretty otraschenny nail, for which the poet, by the way, carefully watched.It is known that in his youth, being mischievous and passionate adventurer, Alexander joined the Masonic fraternity - in search of the proclaimed ideals of freedom and equality.Unmarked members of the lodge and had a long manicure.That's why men grow a fingernail on the little finger now - in imitation of the mysterious rites.However, Pushkin pretty quickly left the brotherhood, disappointed in its external significance in the inner emptiness.For which he was killed Dantes, also a Freemason, as Baron Gekkern, his foster father.They were also aware of why men grow a fingernail on the little finger.And the death of our poet, according to recent studies, is related not only to the love triangle in his family, hounding secular populace, but the apostasy of Freemasonry.The famous monument to Pushkin in Odessa at the beginning of the Primorsky Boulevard is shown truncated five-pointed star.It symbolizes a truncated life mason.

2. Interesting information about why men grow a fingernail on the little finger, we can learn from the history of China.It turns out that once acted as the representatives of the rich, noble families, to emphasize that their financial situation is so high and stable, that they can not work physically!Because now, in some regions of the country maintained this tradition.Moreover, many Chinese are trying to grow a long manicure, to bring to life the wealth and prosperity.Here's a genuine feng shui!By the way, according to some more "days of old jokes," exists in China, and the next version of why grow a fingernail on his pinky.If its length is equal to the last joint of the finger, the person becomes very smart, and the money will sail in his own hands.Naive some explanation, but who knows! ..

3. If you pay attention to the hands of rock musicians, and especially guitarists, then could not help noticing a certain peculiarity.Many of them are quite large nail on his little finger.Appointment manicure strictly functional.It performs the function of a mediator, especially if strong enough.

4. Well, the simplest explanation - these nails are an excellent weapon in the sudden attack.Young men specifically hone their little fingers and successfully use them in all sorts of street showdowns.Agree, not very nice when you are on the face "pass" such a "razor" or poking it in the eye!

These explanations, of course, incomplete.But some things matter they certainly made it clear!