I finish in his sleep: why it happens and how to prevent?

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Probably every sexually mature males at least once in the life of waking up in the middle of the night by voluptuous sensations, and discover for yourself sodden underwear, asked himself: "Why I'm coming in a dream?"

This phenomenon is referred to in medicine as nocturnal emissions, and is after the sperm out of the penis during sleep.Why does a man cums in her sleep, as it can be dangerous, and whether it is possible to struggle with this condition?Let's deal.

wet dreams - what is it?

wet dreams are involuntary ejaculation occurs in the stronger sex is masturbation or sexual intercourse.In fact, it is customary ejaculation due to sexual arousal and accompanied orgazmom.Pollyutsii occur without sexual intercourse, women and men, and this differs from premature ejaculation, coming prior intimate relationship.Despite the fact that this kind of ejaculation is considered to be normal from a physiological point of view of the phenomenon, many men, especially young people, are afraid to admit it to a close, and the phrase "I'm coming in a dream," he seems very shy.

frequency of occurrence

According to studies, in different periods of life up to 83% of men experienced orgasms occurring during night sleep.Age onset of nocturnal emissions and their frequency depends on the individual person, his state of health, the direction of interest and lifestyle.

In adolescents and young adults, on average pollutions observed 1 time per week, while in adult males - 1 time per month.But it should be borne in mind that long-term abstinence from sexual intimacy with a woman wet dreams may occur chasche.Mnogie by men often think that once I finish in her sleep, chances of spermatorrhea - a condition in which the sperm is released continuously, even when theurinating.In fact, for this disease is not characterized by the erection and orgasm, and she follows the sperm in small portions and very slowly.A cause for concern because there is simply no.

"Cumming in a dream."Possible causes young men

foresee the time of the pollutions, as well as control over the process, it is simply impossible.So, this picture can be described as follows: a young man is fast asleep at night, but this time his body takes the brain a signal that has accumulated too much semen and must be free of it.Next, the brain tries to find some desires that are important memories and brings them sexual content.The result is a dream, contributing to the emergence of pollutions.And if earlier the boy tormented doubts as to whether you can finish in a dream, but now he was convinced of it on own opyte.U youths aged 12 to 18 years of hormonal system operates very actively and properly sexual gratification, as a rule, does not occur.For this reason, the body tries to prevent excessive accumulation of sex hormones, and does so with the help of pollutions.

"Cumming in a dream."Possible causes of adult

adult male nocturnal emissions can occur due to sexual abstinence.This phenomenon contributes to the regular evacuation of sperm and facilitates such portable hard consequences of abstinence as a spontaneous erection, the concentration of the mind primarily on sexual topics.

For adults the stronger sex for a long time did not have intimacy with women, night ejaculation is a kind of adaptive mechanism aimed at eliminating excess volume accumulated in the genital organs of the seminal fluid.We can say that wet dreams in some way compensate for the sex life, but with the advent of its own stop.

pollution - the norm or a deviation?

experts agree that wet dreams - is absolutely natural phenomenon which does not testify about any deviation.Frequent nocturnal ejaculation occurring also on the background of having sex may be the evidence of male hypersexuality.

Surprisingly, such a condition may cause not only a lack of sex or scanned the day before sleep erotic film, but even a good dinner.This is due to the fact that the stuffed intestine exerts pressure on the prostate gland, resulting in a high probability that the signal will go to the brain to release crowded seminal vesicle fluid from an excess of seed.

Tips for avoiding pollutions

«I finish during sleep, what to do?" - So thinks every representative of the stronger sex after "wet" night.Follow these tips if you do not get rid of such a state, then to minimize the likelihood of its occurrence.Let's get started:

  1. bedtime should ventilate the room every time and try to avoid night-time temperatures high enough in the room.
  2. If possible, keep enough full sex life, because it is its absence is a major cause pollutions.In the absence of a sexual partner to avoid nocturnal ejaculations possible by means of masturbation.
  3. is important to observe the rules of hygiene of genitals, because the presence of even minor inflammatory processes arising as a consequence of the lack of cleanliness of the glans penis may also provoke nocturnal emissions.
  4. Given that during the stormy dream underwear is able to stimulate the head of the penis and thus to approach a man to orgasm, it is best to sleep naked.
  5. Hiking at night, hardening of the body and exercises an active sports contribute not only to improvement of the body, but also help to avoid the "wet" dreams.

wet dreams - normal and natural phenomenon, which is not to be ashamed, because it can happen completely with each representative of the strong half of mankind.