Breeding crayfish as a business with low competition and high income

If you really set out to open their own business, but can not determine the profile of the activities suggested to include in their business ideas farm growing cancers.It is not only highly unusual occupation in which you will have the minimum number of competitors, but also quite a profitable business.

Breeding crayfish as a business: the basics

growing cancers can not be called a rapid process, which, incidentally, is not year-round.But this disadvantage is compensated by lower costs and higher income.By the way, contain shellfish is often even cheaper than fish.

farm equipment

Breeding crayfish as a business offer to start with 75 species of arthropods, of which 25 are males and 50 - females.To ensure their viability need to equip the four dimensions of the reservoir 5 to 10 meters and a depth of about 2 meters. first two are designed specifically for the pond at your disposal adults: should be placed in each of 25 females and 12 males, which will be engaged in reproduction.Another pond is

designed for the young.And since one warm season cancers do not have time to grow to a size that allows you to send them for sale, the fourth reservoir will be used for the young, who will be born next year.Typically, the size of the cancer for sale should be on the order of 10 centimeters, and the weight - of at least 50 grams.

At the bottom of bodies of water should be placed half-meter layer of sand, clay and stones.This allows cancers to feel comfortable, and allows them to dig and dig holes, and provides shelter in winter.

Breeding crayfish as a business: especially feeding

very big plus is that the crayfish is very unpretentious in food.But be aware that these animals are scavengers, so their diet should include meat and grass.In addition, cancers should feed various additives, for example chalk (as a source of calcium).

Useful tips

If breeding crayfish as a business is, in your opinion, is an attractive idea, then pay attention to the following important nuance of this kind of activity:

1. creating reservoirs for these things, keep in mind that the recess cancersyou have to flush or set traps.Therefore, it is desirable to initially consider all the details.

2. Growing cancers require constant human presence, so if you do not live in the area where the organization planning reservoirs, constantly, perhaps you'd better abandon the idea.

3. Immediately prior to developing a plan for the breeding of farm cancers sure to check the demand for your products.It is better to decide on the volume of sales on which you can expect to conduct business as efficiently as possible.

4. Also keep in mind that if you plan to sell crabs in bulk, your products must have a certificate of quality.Otherwise you will not be able to work with cafes, restaurants, shopping networks, and so on. D.