Virus "Interior Ministry": how to remove from your computer?

So today we know with you that this virus, "the Interior Ministry."How do I remove it?Where it is taken on a computer?How does the infected operating system?All this is now, and will be discussed.Let us proceed quickly.

What is it?

Let's start by examining our present infection.Virus "Interior Ministry" - what is it?Is it dangerous?All this is now, and will be discussed.

The thing is that our current virus - is a real lock.Not so it is terrible for the data for the user.After all, this plague will not let us in the browser.Instead, the whole window pops up a message asking you to send an SMS to a short number to unlock the system.That's when people and begin to think about the theme: "Virus" Interior Ministry "- how to remove once and for all?"

Now we can say only one thing - in any case, do not send any SMS.You and the problem will remain, and will lose money.So the first thing is not to panic.If you are unable to close the browser, you can start treatment.But first is to see where you can stumble on such a contagion.


If a virus, "Interior Ministry" has blocked the computer, then you will have good smash his head over how to get rid of him.But before that, let's see where you might encounter this infection.Did she just entered the operating system?

The thing is that our current blocker usually resides on sites of an intimate nature, as well as on the advertising pages.In addition, such a virus often hides where you can download some cracker programs.It's a great place - for downloading and installing the utility may have to disable antivirus.Wonderful moment for the infection!

So be careful when surfing on the Internet.Then you do not have to once again think about the topic of "Virus" Interior Ministry "- how to remove once and for all?"Well, if you've already ran at him, then let's see how we can detect the presence of the infection in the operating system.For example, when you shut down the browser quickly, not to see a frightening window, and run it again is not very desirable.


Well, let's try to understand the behavior of the computer when it gets our present virus.Unlike options spam or worms, the operating system starts to "act" a little differently.

So the first sign - is the emergence of the brakes on the computer.For example, it now includes several minutes rather than 5 seconds, as before.Programs open and loaded for a long time, the team performed at a rate of "turtle".This is an occasion to reflect on the question: "Virus" Interior Ministry "- how to remove once and for all?"

The second scenario - it's impossible to work on the Internet.It seems that there is a connection, you can use additional software to access ("Skype", "stim" and so on), but the browser does not go to work - instead of the home page will pop up a frightening message-lock "the Interior Ministry."If you notice this feature, you should as soon as possible to rid yourself of this computer infection.Let's see how.


Well, let us start with the simplest step.Since it starts every fight viruses.This is a scan of your computer for malicious files and spyware.

ideas for this we need a good antivirus.Perfectly copes with the task Nod32.However, if you do not like it you can also use Dr.Web.Both antivirus before work is updated.Specifically, download the latest virus database.Then run a deep scan.

process may take you a long time.But this is the first step that will have to take if you visited the virus, "the Interior Ministry."It has been found that some damage in the end of the scan?Then try to cure files.You can not?Just delete them, close the antivirus program and proceed to the next step.It is quite simple, especially if you know how and what to do.


Well, if you think on the topic: "Virus" Interior Ministry "- how to remove?"- After scanning Antivirus have a little clean up any remaining files.More likely, something will remain so in the computer.So, we must get rid of the debris.

Go into the registry of your computer.To do this, press Win + R, and then execute the command "regedit".Here, click on "Edit" and then "Search."Now it is necessary to write the name of the virus and run a check.Results should be removed.Then again go to "Search" and write it "mvd".Retry the scan.The results will also be deleted.Ready?Then there is another small step - and you can enjoy getting rid of a computer infection.

last stage

Well, our virus removal virtually come to an end.It is necessary to do a little manipulation, which is sure to help you in the fight.Go to the properties of the shortcut your browser.To do this, click on the icon, right-click and then select the appropriate inscription.

Now pay attention to the "object".It is scroll to the end and delete everything that was written in quotes after the executable exe-file.As a rule, there is published the address of our pest.That's how easy it is to rid yourself of your browser blocker.However, if you think over the question: "Virus" Interior Ministry "- how to remove the tablet?"- It would be best to include the gadget to a service center.Indeed, in such devices the entire process takes place several times harder.

When you have done all the steps will be enough simply to restart the computer.If you need to change the home page in a browser.That's all.Now that you know how to remove the virus, "the Interior Ministry," once and for all.