The fact that the sea is scientifically

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Nowadays every child almost from the first days of their conscious knows what the sea.All we carry babies to rest on the bank of the salty water, breathe air filled with iodine ions, and all this for the sake of improvement, strengthen the immune system and pleasure.But since then, as children enter school and their program appear geography lessons, the sea is not only the venue for the holidays, but also a separate topic, which must learn and pass.What is the sea from a scientific point of view than it is characterized and different from other waterways and pools, consider now.

interpretation of key terms

Sea called the private part of all the world's oceans.As a rule, these waters are separated special relief, which is under their thickness or land.It is also characteristic is that any sea, even if it falls into the open ocean, live their lives.Over its surface weather conditions are harsh and abrupt as above the surface of the latter.

similar things add up and under water - life there is more measured, calm, there are no sharp changes of cold and warm currents, deep valleys and large eddies.It should be noted that the more closed the sea dry land, the less diverse fauna it is observed.It would be logical to assume that whale sharks can not get out of the waters of the Atlantic to the Caspian Sea.

How to distinguish between the sea on the planet

With an overall concept that is the sea, we understand.Now let's look at what types are divided into these reservoirs.First, the sea are open and closed.In the first case they are linked to other, larger water tank (large sea or ocean).For example, it has an output of Azov to the Black, the second - in the Mediterranean, and the last - in the Atlantic Ocean.But the Caspian Sea is, in fact, the salt lake, as none of the Strait does not associate it with a larger water tank.

sea boundaries also differ on the specifics of climate and the inhabitants in some of the waters.For example, the Aegean Sea on the map is part of the Mediterranean.Between them, no land, no underground elevation or depression.However, the fish and the animals that inhabit the waters of the two seas, are significantly different from each other.

What can be sold?

often referred to as the sea is very large ocean bays.Some of them are really over time formed a separate meteorological and hydrological layer, while others are still part of their ocean.For example, the Gulf of Mexico many inhabitants of neighboring countries is referred to as the sea, while in these waters from the Atlantic are no distinctive features are observed.

located nearby Caribbean islands separated only by great waters, but its flora are too different to them.Neighbor of the two natural reservoirs is the Sargasso Sea, whose borders reach the middle of the Atlantic Ocean at longitude.However, this term was applied only because the region is surrounded by three sides with different currents.

Sea beyond our planet

The notion that such a sea, and astronomers understand.The only areas of research beyond the globe.As a rule, this term is called all sorts of abyss, a very large pits, often formed as a result of collision with asteroids, craters.If you begin to study a map of the moon or Mars, you will find there is not one "sea", which is devoid of water.So call those dark parts of the surface of celestial bodies, which by their forms remind us of our earthly sea.Perhaps if these planets was the atmosphere, given the chasm could be filled with water and fully justify its name.

Where you can relax

Sea, listed below, are the most popular for recreation.Therefore, every child should know their location, characteristics and climate.Among them will be large bays, which have much in common with the seas.So this is the Black, Azov, Mediterranean, Aegean, Adriatic, Red, Caribbean, Andaman, the Yellow Sea, the Persian Gulf.