What is different from the bunny rabbit: similarities and differences

What distinguishes the hare from the rabbit?Not everyone can answer this question.The fact that these cute furry animals are very similar to each other.And it is not always possible to determine exactly which one, but somewhere else.

Someone will say, hares and rabbits - are one and the same, only the first - wild and tamed second.This is not so.And the hare, and the rabbit can be wild.There is also the misconception that these two animals are rodents.Yes, they like to chew a carrot, but they are not rodents (such as mice, hamsters and so on. N.).They have their own classification - these animals belong to the order Lagomorphs.

What is different from a rabbit a hare?What they have in common?I think that these questions are of concern for many.So just need to sort out.Proceed.

Similarities between them as much as it might seem at first glance.The appearance of similar physical structure, taste preferences, common dangers and enemies.And, perhaps, that's all.Differences much more.

Geographical Distribution

In the wild hare can be found in virtually every corner of the planet.The only exceptions are remote islands and Australia.The fact that most of the land with rabbits captivated by the fact that they were specially imported from the European continent.

Rabbits also are much rarer.Their habitats - a North and South America.Of course, they can also be found in other places, but has been largely as pets.


What distinguishes the hare from the rabbit looks?It would seem that they are so much alike!But there are differences.Yes, they both have long ears, a short tail, fluffy fur and long teeth.But:

  • bunny rabbit is much larger;
  • rabbit never changes the coat color, even in winter, unlike the hare, which begins with the onset of winter moult (in these moments of gray rabbit fur transformed into a snow-white);
  • rabbit ears short, as he spent most of his life sits in closed confined spaces;
  • hare has a long and strong legs, as it is much more mobile than the rabbit, who prefers to run digging burrows.


difference between the hare and the rabbit evident in how they prefer to fight the threat.Hare fast and agile.And also very nervous.Having sensed a wolf or a fox, he began to run away.Hares faster rabbits.It's all about the structure of the skeleton, namely the hind limbs.We hare hind legs are much longer and stronger.However, from the mountain, he could only head over heels down, and rabbit, which has a more balanced structure of the feet, calmly run away from any slopes.But direct distance hare will hands down for speed.

Rabbits more calm and balanced than their wild relatives.They prefer to eat and relax.They can do it all day.So if you live rabbit can do to limit his diet.These animals are very lazy, but not timid.When approaching danger rabbit will not escape.He quickly dig a hole and hide in it.And dig these animals with such speed that simply amazed!Here he was, but it is not.


multiply, of course, rabbit and hare.The difference here is the speed and amount.Rabbit is very homes.He never would live alone, but together with his rabbit.They live and multiply, multiply, multiply ...

Rabbits brooding much faster than rabbits.Pregnancy lasts 32 days.In one litter from the rabbit comes out from 10 to 16 pups.All of them are born blind, naked and helpless.And usually the first two weeks living solely by the mother's milk.Rabbit is very caring with their offspring and absolutely intolerant and aggressive toward other people's young.They can even break them unhappy errant rabbit.So without consequences enclose them young foreign fail.

Hare - the complete opposite.He is the eternal bachelor.But, however, leave their mark on this land, too, not against it.Progeny from birds is not as numerous as in rabbits.Hare give birth to one or at most two of the baby.Cubs are born fully formed.They already have fur, they hear, see and can even safely eat adult food.Such independent young zaychiha reserves under the same bush, under which, and bare.As a general rule, give them some milk, which will last for three days, buried in a pit and left to the mercy of fate.And the bunnies begin an independent life.If they are lucky, and the fox will not find them shelter, hungry, they start to emit infrasound, which are not audible to the ear of the hunter, but understandable for every hare ran past.She immediately awakens the maternal instinct.Zaychiha unearths leverets, feeding them milk and, like my mother ... leaves.And so it is repeated on each, to be around a female representative of the hare, which has recently given birth.

way, hares and rabbits can not be crossing each other.Many breeders have tried to improve this manner breeds of domestic rabbits.But their efforts have not yielded positive results.


What distinguishes the hare from the rabbit yet?However, it can not be tamed.That's how it is.This is a real woodsman and wild animal who loves freedom.In ancient times, people have tried to breed rabbits to acquire valuable fur and delicious meat.But whenever possible animals ran into the woods.

Rabbits amenable to domestication.And quite easily.Today, therefore, not uncommon when a pet is possible to meet this furry amateur attempt.

So, it's time to sum up.

What distinguishes the hare from the rabbit?

  • Firstly, the hare is much larger and faster.
  • Second, it changes its color depending on the season, and the rabbit remains true to itself at any time of the year.
  • Third, lives where it is necessary, even under a bush, not a warm burrow.Permanent shelter there.
  • fourth difference: Bunny - a loner.
  • fifth difference - hare abandon their young to fend for themselves, rabbits - no.
  • sixth - the young are born with fur, good hearing and vision, unlike the relatives.
  • Seventh difference - you can tame rabbits and hares - no, no matter how trying.