Outdoor games for children with ADHD

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are characterized as inattentive, overly mobile, restless, very excited, unable to control myself.Parents have to listen about the behavior of these children a lot of comments from teachers in kindergarten and school.However, you can help your child.

Overcome ADHD will not only help developing classes, but also the organization of the child's life.Proper alternating periods of activity and rest will reduce or even avoid overwork and overexcitement.

Outdoor games for children with ADHD develop attention, relieve motor voltage are taught to adjust their own behavior in accordance with the rules.Organize outdoor games with your child can be in the courtyard, attracting neighborhood kids, outdoors, playing with your family or in the room - together with your child.

Outdoor games for children of preschool age should contain simple game tasks.They are available in the room are easy to prepare.

Game "ladder."

Objective: the development of attention, coordination of movements.

adult offers the child to repeat after him hand movements that are "running around on the stairs."Starting position: standing straight, feet together, arms at your sides.The order of movement: the right hand on the belt, left hand on the waist, right arm to shoulder, left arm to shoulder, right hand up, left hand up, two cotton overhead.Then the hands are moving in reverse order, ending with two claps her thighs.Features: adult alters the velocity of the hand "fast-slow".A child should follow the adults, repeating the same thing.

Game "Breeze┬╗

Objective: behavior control, self-control movements.

Close Two kulechka paper, glue.To pass inside each long string, which is then stretched between two chairs.The length of the thread, of course, identical chairs are equidistant from each other.It received two distances.The task of playing - blowing in kulechek so he moved on a string from one chair to another.Who will deliver kulechek the end of the race, and he won.

Game "Sea Wave".

Purpose: self-regulation

This game is familiar to generations of children.Its value is the ability to develop self-regulation, control of motor behavior.When the host starts talking: "The sea waves - again, the sea waves - two sea wave - three ..." the children randomly portray the movement of waves of the sea.After the words "Maritime figure stand still in place," the children record the position of the body, depicting marine figure.Leading guesses what happened.

similar game called "day and night".The difference is that during the day the children running around the lawn, nochtyu - freeze.Those who move, out of the game.

Outdoor games for children 7 years and older complicated.The rules of the game added a certain task.

game "Find the box."

Objective: develop attention.

game is best done in the park, a meadow in the woods.The child becomes his back to the game space, which we need to agree in advance.Adult hides the check box.The task of the child - as quickly as possible to find him.

Outdoor games for children of school age interest in the company of peers.Today's children play in the street a little game, so you need to offer outdoor games for children with an unusual task, with humor.Parents may think their backyard childhood games.These are the games like "Capture the Flag", "Shtander" "Twelve sticks" that are not only physical, but also the potential of the team, will be developing for children with ADHD.

Game Attraction "Cockfighting┬╗

Purpose: Removing the motor voltage

on the floor (on the ground) is drawn circle.Inside the circle - two players who stand on one foot, hands behind his back.The goal of each is to push the opponent out of the circle shoulder.

Outdoor games for children with ADHD not immediately bring success.Therefore, if the child is very touchy, it's best to involve him in the team games, avoiding personal superiority.