How to choose a seat for bathing.

With the advent of the little man in the family of parents puzzled.Now souped Mom and Dad have to buy furniture and accessories crumbs: a bed, desk and chair, stroller and changing table.You also need to stock up on personal hygiene products, which are ideal for children's skin.Very often, parents do not know how to buy a seat for bathing children.This is what will be discussed in this article.You will learn what parameters need to be considered when choosing a bath seat for babies.Also, find out which models are more common and easy for the little man.

How to choose a seat for bathing?

Material of

Before buying this accessory is necessary to study the entire range of the store.Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the goods.Remember that subtle and low-quality plastic can quickly break down at the most inopportune moment, and in the metal bath seat in a child may be allergic.

Age baby

also should take into account the child's age.What is required kiddies after six months, it is not suited to the newborn.It is also the seat for bathing your baby will be useless for the older child.He himself may well have to sit.


Pay attention to the surface, which has a seat for bathing.The kid should be comfortable.Otherwise pipsqueak just do not want to carry out water treatment.Most manufacturers produce soft seats that do not pass water.That item will have to use very carefully.Otherwise, a hole that collects water, and eventually mold appears.

size of the selected accessory

sure to consider the size of the purchased goods.Remember that it should be freely placed in the bath.Otherwise, the baby simply will not be able to comfortably settle down in his new chair.

attachment method

Recently, very popular seat for swimming on suckers.Indeed, this option is very convenient.Stool is firmly fixed on the smooth surface of the bath, and after bathing can be easily removed.Parents need only pull the necessary rubber elements.

There is also a seat for bathing, which has reviews are not very good.Such models are missing any fasteners.Stool is simply placed in the bath.It is said that this is not only uncomfortable, but also very dangerous for a small child.

chairs for babies

for very young children should not choose the so-called hill-seat.They have a small angle of inclination, which provides a comfortable stay in this accessory.The surface of such an article may be a plastic or fabric.Fasteners are almost always in the form of suction cups, but may be used special elements, by means of which the accessory is attached to the bottom of the bath.Remember that the use of such a device you will have a fairly short time.Choose a practical seat.

Chairs for children under one year

Such accessories in most cases have a silicone suction cup over the entire area of ​​the lower base.The chair is designed for children from six months, which can already sit alone.

Internal coating can be made of plastic, metal or soft material.These chairs always have a strong back, to which the baby can rest during games.Also, the front panel is filled with a variety of distractions.Depending on the value of the goods these toys may be more or less.Such elements help mom quickly bathe the baby at the time, while he is distracted by the study of the front panel.

Accessories for kids after a year

There are also chairs for swimming, which are designed for older children.They are absolutely no constraints.Outwardly, they look like an ordinary chair, but the legs have a strong attachment.These accessories are purchased less frequently than the means for the youngest children.

Summary and Conclusion

Now you know how to choose a seat for bathing kids of all ages.Be sure to consider the preferences of the crumbs.Remember that it should be comfortable in this accessory.Bathing should bring joy and cheer up.The kid should be happy to agree to hold water treatments.Otherwise, you have to bear in the bathroom crying and struggling child.

also pay attention to the price category of goods.Some manufacturers ask for too high a price just because of the fact that their company is very popular.Never buy the first product caught my eye.Simply click on the number of outlets and the analysis of price and quality.