How to make a hole in the jeans to be beautiful?

Perhaps, jeans - it's the only kind of clothes that can be worn for as long as is desirable, even in spite of the appeared over the years of wear and holes.Moreover, your favorite jeans, requiring repair, you can always upgrade, there is a will, imagination and even a little capable hands.Jeans can be repaired in many different ways: you can zashtopyvat, paste application, put the patch, but you can ... undermine them completely.But this must be done so beautifully that no one and did not have a drop of doubt that it is a proprietary thing, not a bad flight with a fence.

So, how to make a hole in the jeans to make them look spectacular?Before you embark on this exciting process, you need to decide in what areas and what the scope of a hole you would like to contemplate on his pants.To do this, put on jeans and a shallow note the location of the future "jewelry" and their sizes.After the holes are scheduled, take your pants back and cook simple tool for their "execution."You will need scissors, a sharp blade or knife stationery;needle;tweezers;a piece of sandpaper or pumice plain.Surely this good enough in each house.

If you cut pants or a knife blade, then before making the holes in the jeans, place a piece of cardboard inside the leg or plate, so as not to cut the cloth on her back.Since you will probably like a thread across the slot, they are going to do.Once you have decided how big the hole is and where it is located, can start its production.To do this, a single incision at the point where the "ventilation" will begin, and the second where it is terminated.

next step, how to make a hole in the jeans will be the creation of the very thread that so wonderfully filled the hole.To do this, slide the finger between the two cuts you just made relentlessly: this will be a piece of fabric and thread.Take the needle and use it to separate the cross from the white thread of the longitudinal blue at the top and bottom edge of the piece.After that, take the tweezers and start gradually pull out from a piece of blue thread.It will be easy, because the woven fabric has broken scissors, you just "dissolve" this area until the end.When all the strings are pulled out golubenky, leaving only the white cross, the ones who do not have more fashionable in the world.And now you can take nazhdachku or pumice stone and gently rub the "leaky place," so you get a little extra fringe bordering all this beauty, and the effect of light abrasions.

But another option is to make a hole in the jeans to make them look like a woman flirtatiously.Take any piece of lace and sew it to the wrong side under the cuts.To the front side of the pants was not visible seams, try to capture only the inner needle thread without puncturing the fabric through.Sews small stitches and the thread itself, try to pick the color of the jeans.

can use other ways of how to make a hole in the jeans.For example, you can create a blade on his pants so-called artistic incisions;using conventional nail files jeans can tear;wire brush can be "rastrepyvat" hole until the fringe.But, of course, is best kept flogging like pants made of cotton with synthetics or fabric stretchevoy need to be careful, otherwise it can razleztsya.

And, you can "upgrade" old trousers very original way.It does not belong to any of those, how to make a hole in the jeans, but still may be interested.This refers to the minting.To make it in the denim, you need to take any three-dimensional image, and chasing for this approach is best.Next you need to soak his pants, then inside, under the place where you want to get a picture, put the image.Then you take soap and lather well this place, and then a very stiff brush struggled to rub until the image is not manifest.