Dress Dream book, The Interpretation of Dreams.

was a hard day at work had to stay and her husband at home who does not understand and has long ceased to pay attention to many things, and even the children all the time demand something ... Every day brings us a lot of stressful situations thatwe are living in his inner world.But they do have consequences.Everything that happens to us in life, in one way or another puts its imprint in our subconscious.And only when a long stressful working day is over, the time has come, "processing" of information, which are installed in our heads for all the daytime wakefulness.

has long been proved by scientists and psychologists such famous psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, that the dream - is nothing more than how to handle our inner feelings and emotions of the information received during the day.Most people hide their attitude to many things and situations, but the subconscious gives us the whole story in the form of characters assembled in dreams.On these symbols, and I want to talk to you today.Namely, as interpreted sonnik dress, and how dream interpretation represents a wedding dress.

Probably many in my life has ever resorted to such books as dream interpretation.Most of dream books give only the interpretation of the individual characters, but to get the full picture of the interpretation of dreams, we need to resort to a deeper analysis.

Dreams dress.Interpretation.

So Jung we find the dream book, which refers to dress personalization.Anyway any clothing on a person reflects his person, the way he presents himself in the society.Depending on what kind of dress himself sees a woman, a beautiful clean, well-fitting, or, conversely, dirty torn, not the size.All this can be interpreted from the context of the dream, that is,the conditions under which a person is surrounded by some people and how he feels in this dress.

also sonnik dress can present in different capacities, depending on the social roles of a person in real life.If a person changes in sleep (disguises dress or removes it), then it could mean a change of status.And, depending on what kind of clothes he wears to replace, we can say for the better, or it changes for the worse.

black dress.

Dreams chrnoe dress is usually interpreted as the mourning period, although this does not necessarily denote a sorrowful event or something negative.Black often is solemn, and may designate a person raising the corporate ladder or any success in business as well as black - the color of the winner, the person having a significant position in society.

Wedding Dress - meaning in dreams.

Wedding dress is usually associated with amorous affairs.Dream book is quite diverse interpret this character, but by adhering to Jungian attitudes, we can say that this symbol represents the entry into a new phase in the life.If it is present in a dream and groom, it is possible to trace the interaction with the unconscious animus (masculine) dreamer.

Depending on how you build relationships with males in dreams, we can say about the welfare of the emotional sphere of a person in real life.

From itself can not escape.

As much as we would like to hide their thoughts, even from ourselves, but our subconscious mind continuously gives us to understand the processes occurring in our minds when we sleep.Therefore, the characters that gives us a subconscious need to be able to interpret in time to realize that you're doing wrong and fix it while you can.

I hope that I was able to involve you a little bit to the psychoanalytic explanation and generate interest in your own dreams.In analyzing your dreams, you will be able to better reveal their inner world and understand yourself better.