If broken mirror what to do?

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This belief that if the house was broken mirror means the trouble happens, there is almost all nations of the world.At the same time, in some countries, it is believed that a broken mirror entails years of unhappiness in others - that the girl who broke the mirror, unable to find her betrothed, there are also countries in which the reflection in the mirror is associated with a particular person, and ifbreak it down, it will bring him troubles.If you break the mirror, what to do?

Fears about "what to do - break the mirror" There are many centuries.The reason for the belief that a broken mirror brings trouble comes from the belief that the mirror is a bond border between parallel worlds.So, you can see in the reflection of the human soul and give it a definite influence.There are also more pragmatic explanation.In ancient times, mirrors were quite expensive, and therefore, break the mirror meant to cause great material damage house.

In connection with all of these beliefs, it is not surprising even the most pragmatic and far from superstition man who broke the mirror, feeling a certain anxiety.It all depends on what we believe.Because it is very important to know if you break a mirror, what to do to prevent possible adverse consequences of such a careless action.

So, break the mirror what to do?Firstly, a broken mirror in no case can not be touched by hands, it is forbidden to watch, as it is believed that it is possible to see creatures from a parallel world.According to another legend, the broken mirror pieces can take life energy that is in them will look.A mirror shards cut his hand is generally considered the easiest way to bring trouble.

To your reflection has not got on the splinters of the mirror, it is necessary to throw him a piece of any matter, a cloth or paper.Next, you need to collect the pieces carefully, down to the smallest.Thus it is better to wear gloves to prevent cuts.After that, the place where the mirror was broken, must be carefully removed and the trash immediately taken out of the house.With large fragments of mirrors need to do a little differently.

if you break a mirror, what to do with large shards?There are the following options.

First, you can put the pieces of the mirror under running water.It is believed that this will remove the negative consequences of such an incident.After such a "ritual" pieces can be thrown in the trash with peace of mind.

Secondly, you can pick up the pieces and make away from home.But this should be done at sunset.You can even throw the pieces in the trash, in the vicinity of the home.But it is necessary to say these words: "In themselves, not by themselves."

Third, the splinters of the mirror can be in the ground, but not on the site.But be aware that they need to dig down a reflective surface.

For your own peace of mind, a place where broken glass can sprinkle water or church to light a candle, let it burn for at least three hours.You also need to go to church, light a candle and pray for the health, if a mirror had been broken at the time of your reflection in it.

Houses leave shards of mirrors is strictly prohibited.Because they accumulate negative force, thus pulling anxiety and diseases.Buy a new mirror.It is also necessary to know what to buy a house in the mirror, instead of that which was broken, you need in the morning.Especially works well believe it, if you buy a new mirror on the day of the full moon.And very importantly, if you break a mirror, what to do - try not to think about the negative signs, misfortunes and miseries.It should be out of my head troubled thoughts and anxiety, while all the adversity did not disturb your peace and shelter.