Development of attention - one of the methods of dealing with ADHD

In recent years, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder diagnosed in children more and more often.It is characterized by low concentrations of active attention, increased excitability, mobility of the child.

Family, which is growing a baby, there is already in kindergarten.Today preschool forced to strengthen the training of children to schooling.Hyperactive children are in kindergarten fail to stringent training sessions: they find it difficult to sit at the table, lack of attention does not allow the teacher to listen to for a long (15 minutes!), Time, etc.Also, not all teachers possess the methods of working with children.Therefore, the child has to solve the problem, first of all, parents.

Games development of attention .

They should become permanent in the family and everyday.Optional hold semblance of school with your child to succeed.So parents can only increase the excitement and unwillingness to deal with.The first task of adults - motivation.We must find a way to captivate the child's game.To do this, you can think of a lot of incentives.One of the principles of educational games - child and adult full subject of the game.If an adult thinks of, gives the task, the child does the same.

choosing games, you must first adhere to the rule of "one game - one function."That is, the gaming action can not attend the job to develop memory, thinking, etc.First - just development of attention .

game, "Follow me."Adult hand draws in the air figure.The child repeats after him.Then they change roles.

Game "Gift".Pantomime depicting what to give to each other.One shows the other guesses.

Game "cloakroom."The child turns away, adult something changes in their clothes.Problem child - say what has changed.

Game "Pictures."Do not neglect the classical picture in which there are "mistakes Artists" and labyrinths, and extra items.

Game "Catch the sound."Select several sounding items.Tap it with a wooden stick (or pencil).Then we took turns a blind eye, and guess what subject sings.

can gradually complicate the game in the development of attention .

Game "Remember and Guess."Put on the table in front of a child a few items.He should remember them.Then the child turns away, and the adult items change places, or add others.It is necessary to point out what has changed.

ADHD child must be development attention to the speech of others.A child can memorize your requirements, tips, reminders only when he listened to them carefully. Increase attention to the words of the parents can be achieved by adhering to the following rules:

- to a child, speak important phrases, looking into his eyes, and making sure that the child can hear you;

- when you want to say something important that needs attention, eliminate extraneous stimuli (TV, computer, music, etc.);

- do not raise your voice, talking calmly, clearly, choosing the available words and phrases.

games with words and letters, telling stories and writing stories to help in the development of attention to the speech.

Game "continue the tale."Adult and child in turn tell a story.This uncomplicated process of developing attention, speech, logical thinking.

Pupils good training attention will test game "proof-test".On a sheet of paper printed in any order different letters.Fill in these lines about half of the A4 sheet.Setting the student - to delete all the letters "P".You can pinpoint the time of execution and the number of errors (missing letters strikethrough a different letter).The results of the game to write in a prominent place on the poster, "My achievements".