How to make a video of gif-animation: all the details

Today we decided to talk about how you can create a gif-animation and give you a few of the most popular and easiest ways.You will be able to make a gif-animation from video or from selected images, this can be selected on-line services, as well as free software, which is now a large amount.After just beginning to emerge and develop animation, immediately came to light interesting cartoons, which certainly looked every one of you.Development, of course, did not stand in one place, they even can be found in the films animation.When the technology began to grow even bigger, then was born the computer animation that develops to this day.In this article we will try to tell you in detail how to make a video gif-animation.There are several options, and talk about them.


So let's just analyze a variant how to make gif from video online, because this method will be of interest to many users, and currently services functionality allows you to create animations quickly.This method also has the main advantage - you do not need to upload and install programs that still take a long time to understand.As we said earlier, today there are a large number of services with which you can quickly and easily create a gif-animation of various types.First of all, choose the appropriate online service, unfortunately, we will not be able to recommend a particular service for this task, as they are all different from each other with its functionality, but also have positive and negative aspects, so the choice is yours.

special service

example we will describe using the online service -, on it, and the opportunity to create animations.This service offers you the opportunity to gif from video online, so we have chosen it as an example.First of all, go to the home page, then select the "Add frames".We recommend that you make the right of the video footage, and then upload them to the service.Remember that if you download a pack of pictures at once, then after loading they may line up in any order.If you need to move the frames in sequence, then first select the file, and then in the top right corner of the file icon should appear.Click the icon to the left mouse button and hold it as long as the file will not be moved to a desired sequence of turns.

Job interface

If you paid your attention, then you can notice in the upper right corner when you hover the mouse over a file cross-clicking on it, you can delete the file.Under each picture set to a special field with numbers.These figures reflect the duration of the frame, if necessary you can change these settings yourself, but if you leave them to default, then the duration of a single frame will be equal to one second.Of course, in his new animations you can put additional effects, which in this service, there are many.Effects can be installed directly in the frames themselves or between them.In order to establish a new effect, you must click on the icon that looks like a circle with a line, you can find it between shots.Then in front of you should open a small menu where you only need to select the desired effect.Then just make the conversion, assembly and your images will be turned into a gif-animation.

Live pictures

now look at how to make a video gif-animation, because sometimes you need to choose not only the staff, but also the interesting moments.For such cases you therefore need specialized software, although you can search and online editors, they exist, but to work with them is extremely difficult.For example, if you need to learn how to make a gif-animation of the video "VKontakte", which weighs a little bit, then you can use the online editor, but if the video is large, then it is necessary to seek a specialized program.

Option for specialist

You can choose professional program iWisoft Free Video Converter, which is recommended by many users.You can download the program from the developer, Simply insert the name of the program in the search box.After downloading the program, you must install it and open on your computer.Let's move on to review the question of how to make a video of gif-animation.After entering the program click on the button Add, and then download the required video from which you later and will produce a gif-animation.Then just set the appropriate format and edit the video animation.Now that you know how to make a video gif-animation, and if get acquainted with the given program, then you will be open to new possibilities.