How to cook millet porridge on the water?

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Today there are several options on how to cook millet porridge on the water.It should be noted that, in any case, this dish turns out very tasty and healthy.Cooking can be and diet, and a hearty breakfast to their children.

Diet millet porridge: a recipe with photo crumbly dishes

Surely many know that porridge is the second bread.After all, it is done from cereals and grains and cereals have long been firmly in the everyday diet of people.It would seem simple and uncomplicated dish, but even the most ordinary millet porridge and the water contains a lot of fiber, minerals and vitamins that stimulate the digestive system and are beneficial to the entire body.You can not ignore the fact that the number of proteins represented surpasses even cereal ingredients such as rice and barley.In addition, due to this dietary meals, a person is guaranteed to lose a few kilograms overweight.

So to have turned out delicious millet porridge on the water, you need to stock up on the following ingredients:

  • Millet - a full glass;
  • filtered water - 2 cups;
  • butter - add a ready-made porridge to taste (do not use in the diet);
  • medium-sized salt - to add to taste.

Preparations of cereals

Before cooking millet porridge on the water, the main ingredient should be carefully handled.For this cereal is recommended to clean debris from the existing, and then put in a fine sieve and thoroughly wash to full transparency of the water.If you wish, you can advance Pshenko put in a deep bowl and pour boiling water cooled down.

In this state, the rump should be kept for several hours.During this time the product is a little vzbuhnet, so its thermal preparation you need much less time.Incidentally, such a procedure will contribute also to what your porridge will keep a maximum of nutrients and vitamins.Because we all know that under the influence of heat treatment, minerals and other ingredients with products literally disappear.

Cook porridge on the stove

cooking millet porridge on the water does not take much time.In this regard, it can be done at least every day.It is better to use a pot with a thick bottom.Otherwise, your dish can burn.Thus, processed cereals required to put in a bowl, and then pour the required amount of water.Thoroughly mix the components, they should be put on fire and bring to a boil.Once the liquid starts to boil, pour in the pan must be a little salt, cover and cook until until the water has evaporated.

It should be noted that the present method of preparation of dietary dishes may well be the answer to the question of how to cook millet porridge crumbly.If you want to make a more viscous breakfast, the amount of water it is desirable to slightly increase (1-2 cups).

correct Serve

finished dish you want to remove from heat, mix thoroughly using a large spoon, then close tightly and let stand in this state for about half an hour.After that you need to distribute the porridge skeet and serve warm.If this course is designed for diet, then add the butter in a highly undesirable.If you want to get a hearty and nutritious breakfast, the cooking oil can still be used, but immediately after turning off the plate, because the product must be completely melted.

How to cook millet porridge in multivarka?

There is nothing more useful for children than delicious and nutritious breakfast in the form of millet porridge with dried fruit.But how to get naughty child completely eat this dish?To do this, experts recommend adding a mess not only dried fruit, but also ingredients such as nuts, fruits, honey, pumpkin and so on. By the way, breakfast is presented products will not only delicious, but also the most useful and nutritious.To do this, we may need the following components:

  • filtered drinking water - 3 cups;
  • Millet - 1 cup;
  • black seedless raisins - a handful;
  • fine salt - add to taste;
  • sugar sand - 3 dessert spoons;
  • butter - 45-55 g (added to the ready-made porridge);
  • Ground cinnamon - to add to taste;
  • walnuts (almonds can be taken) - a handful;
  • apricots lemon - a few pieces .;
  • liquid honey - a couple of big spoons (for supply to the table);
  • sour green apple - ½ fruit.

Processing cereals

Before cooking millet porridge on the water with the help of such modern devices as multivarka should handle well all the ingredients.As in the previous recipe, you must go through the rump, and then thoroughly wash it in warm water, greatly shifting hands.Pre-soak it is optional, but if you have the time, then the procedure can be carried out.

Prepare other ingredients

Because such a mess, we are preparing for a tasty, wholesome and nutritious breakfast, it should add dried fruits and nuts.But before that, these ingredients should be well treated.For this purpose, they should be washed in hot water and then scalded with boiling water and leave it for half an hour.Then dried fruits need not cut into small pieces and pound nuts in a large crumb using mortars.

also for the preparation of such a healthy breakfast ½ decided to use part of the non-acidic green apple.It should peel and seed boxes, and then chop into small pieces.

Heat treatment

How to cook millet porridge on water multivarka?To do this, the device is required to pour a bowl of filtered drinking water, add the processed cereals, salt, sugar (to taste) and mix thoroughly.Next you need to put multivarku mode dairy porridge for about half an hour.After cooking device emits a signal to the final, it must be open, mix well and add a sticky mess to her the following ingredients: raisins, dried apricots, walnuts or almonds and butter.At the end of the bowl requires warping cover and leave in a program of heating a quarter hours.

How to submit a satisfying and nutritious meal to the table?

Now you know how to cook millet porridge on water multivarka.After the specified time in the dish should add chopped green apple and mix right into the bowl of the device.Then finished millet porridge is required in portions spread out on plates and sprinkle with ground cinnamon on top and pour the liquid fresh honey.It should be noted that such a desirable dish bring to the table only hot or warm state, along with sweet tea and a sandwich from a piece of rye bread, butter and hard cheese.Believe me, from such a delicious breakfast will not refuse any child and adult.

Useful tips

Cook porridge Pshenko possible not only on the basis of ordinary drinking water, but using the fat milk.It should be noted that in this case, the dish will be even more delicious, nutritious and high-calorie.At the same time it can serve not only for breakfast but also for dinner as a side dish with meatballs, sausages, meat, goulash and other hearty items.