The sight for air rifle and Installation

Preferring pneumatics, many buyers rifles surprised to discover that quite a powerful weapon in the plant design has a very weak system of sight, does not allow accurate shooting at greater distances to the subject.The focus of this article sights for air rifles, their types, modification, fastening methods, and reviews of the owners of the efficiency in practice.

Types sights

on the market of pneumatic weapons buyer can detect four basic kinds of sight.

  1. mechanical sight.Factory equipment includes a rear sight and a front sight, but the basic devices are not always effective, so many buyers prefer the upgraded device.
  2. collimator.Unique to the use of optics, light and the laws of physics has found a good use in the weapons business.
  3. laser pointer.Such a sight for air rifle greater need for boasting, because in practice, its effectiveness is very low.

Reticle.The most effective system is aiming for all guns.


Setting sight on the air rifle can be in many ways, because the fixtures are not counted on the fingers.However, there are some features related to their interchangeability, that the purchaser would be useful to know.

Universal mount called "dovetail" allows you to adjust the bracket, and accordingly, any sight with the help of adapters.The guide bar is installed on the top or side of the receiver and is trapezium-shaped in cross section with an extension upwards.

Planck Weaver and Picatinny rail is a bracket with the rail locking system.The difference between them is only in the region between the locking slits.Interestingly, all of the devices, designed for mounting on the weaver rail mount easily to the bracket will Picatinny, but the reverse process is not possible.


All experts recommend starting in arms shooting training using only mechanical sight.Firstly, the weapons in the base with the whole beauty spot and has a minimum weight, and secondly, between the shooter and the target minimum of obstacles and interference with aiming.

Mechanical sight for air rifle on the market is presented in various combinations, often with the use of colored fiber for better alignment of the rear sight with front sight during firing.In addition, the well-proven dioptric sights that improve the focus on the target.In the process of learning the mechanics will be sufficient to fully mastering the technique of shooting, and only learned to get into simple goals without thinking, you can install sophisticated optical devices.

Devices entertainment

Using the laser pointer and the collimator for rifles interested only in the early days of purchase.Aiming happens several times faster, and easier to see the object itself.Naturally, significantly improves the accuracy and rate of fire.Here are just a sight for air rifle shooting distance limits.The farther the target, the fat end of the laser beam, a complete blackout of the object in the collimator.

Such devices are more interesting for owners of handguns, which has a limit fire more than fifty meters.Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners of pneumatic weapons, laser pointer has proven itself to automatic weapons capable of firing bursts.

Best of the Best

But scopes for air rifle is considered to be the best device for effective fire.And if the buyer thinks select the desired device in the cellar, it greatly mistaken, because sometimes rifle choose easier than the right to choose for themselves optics.

  1. lenses.Peering at different angles in the selection, it is necessary to exclude the presence on the glass of various chips, scratches, bubbles and other defects that would interfere with the aiming.
  2. lens and eyepiece.Apart from the fact that everything in the device must be set under the vision of the owner, the use should not cause discomfort.
  3. sight.What is more, the aim is more convenient.And Ranging optical sight air rifle without specialized equipment will be more efficient.
  4. Housing and sighting system.Let this secondary factors, but high-quality housing material reduces the optical damage on impact and comfortable flywheels to allow focus to make the setting, not taking his eyes from the eyepiece.

Features dual recoil

to all owners of pneumatics, which uses spring-piston system is bad news to learn that their rifle is capable of breaking windows in inexpensive optical sight.This stems from the manufacturing technology devices.It sights for air rifles focused initially on firearms where there is a one-way return back.Therefore, most manufacturers do not bother to strengthen the attachment of glass front.As a result, during the descent of the trigger, the expandable spring hits the cylinder, which transfers the energy not only compressed air for departure bullets, but the trigger mechanism, which carries a fraction of a millimeter the entire rifle with optics forward.Later it works naturally return back when departing the bullet out of the barrel.

Solutions dual impact

Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners, for the buyer, there are several options for dealing with the double impact.

  1. Cheap Chinese sight for air rifle and its installation will cost a dime.Break the glass - not a problem, because the price allows you to purchase a new device.
  2. Dear riflescope with double protection.Judging by the reviews of the owners, sometimes the cost of such devices higher than the price of the rifle, but zeroed once, you can use the weapons for a long time.
  3. Acquisition hunting tires, such as gas spring, gas bottle system, and PCP.In such devices, there is no double returns and thus there is no need to choose between the first and second paragraph.Zeroing optical sight air rifle of this type is recommended only with professional devices.