The main styles of communication in society, and the role of civility in society

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All we are daily confronted with the need for constant communication in the social environment.Some people like it, and he uses every opportunity to talk to people.Others, on the contrary, seek to maximize protect themselves from society and focus on yourself.In any case, communication styles should be aware of each person, as this will prevent the various conflict situations that are quite common in today's society.

careful analysis of any conflict clearly shows that it is based, as a rule, it is a lack of understanding of other people as a result of unequal treatment of different events, as well as different approaches to the definition of ordinary things.In addition, each person is trying to prove their case, citing their own evidence.The paradox is that when such a dispute people stop to hear and understand each other, and negative emotions just worsen sober perception of information.To avoid this occurred, humanity is in the process of its development, has developed a number of specific laws and rules of conduct by which people can cultural communicate with each other without touching personal feelings.

Different styles of communication due to different approaches to the talk and standby times results from it.Each person will be helpful to learn about the styles, as it will not only expand his horizons, but will know the true intentions of the person who carries on a conversation with a certain mood.

So, here are the basic styles of communication in psychology, which is now widely used in society between people:

  1. ritual communication style.It is a friendly attitude of people towards each other, as well as a set of standard phrases and expressions that people use when they met each other.These include phrases such as "How are you?", "What's new?" And so on.Thus made in the same manner politely answer, regardless of how the actual state of affairs in humans.Here, however, the debate continues psychologists and cultural studies, which can not come to a definite conclusion that there must always meet the standard formulaic phrases or not.
  2. Manipulative communication style.Suffice it to a specific type of behavior, and the goal is to have an impact on another person through a series of any opinion and the evidence that can be carried hidden.This style of communication is quite common among advertising agents and sales consultants, who in normal conversation with a customer subconsciously trying to convince him in the purchase of any goods.
  3. imperative style of communication.It is, in fact, authoritarian style, which is based on the desire of one man to subdue the other by the nature of instruction clerk.The classical scheme of such a dialogue is the model 'boss - subordinate, "where one person is endowed with certain powers that give him the right to control the behavior of another person.There should also be careful not to abuse it, because such communication styles as mandatory, the abuse may lead to a conflict situation.
  4. Humanist.At the heart of this dialogue is a form of dialogue and friendly conversation in which people learn about the preferences, attitudes and interests of each other.This style is best suited to achieve mutual understanding.

It should be noted that not all people consciously choose a particular style of communication.Most automatically takes for itself a certain style of behavior and communication, and is in conversation, largely unaware of certain nuances that can only distinguish a psychologist.That is the reason for this conflict and rude attitude of people towards each other.In any case, you should always keep yourself in their hands, and even if a person is overwhelmed with negative emotions, in any case not to splash them on other people.Choose styles of communication are those who will contribute to mutual understanding, and try not to touch a person.Always be handled serially and quiet that will give you more respect from others.