The unusual idea of ​​Russian students

student of the Moscow Architectural Institute Christine Ishkhanov presented an unusual architectural design - prison, which will be built under the scheme hell in "The Divine Comedy" by Dante.

Place non-standard prison, according, planned in the Sverdlovsk region in the area of ​​cutting, inside Safyanovskoye copper quarry depth of 105 m - this is the best location would reflect "a step" to correct the movement of prisoners.

Recall work in Dante's hell is a system of 9 rounds, surrounding Lucifer.Circle corresponds to the sins of varying severity, and are considered to be less terrible sins of a material nature.

"The man who committed the crime, so to speak," falls. "With prison of mining in the quarry, you can clearly imagine the process of correcting a person has violated the law. Being in the pit, a convicted person may realize his act and correct in order to be back at the topfor freedom, "- said in the explanation to the project.

The project is thought not only architectural design of the building, but also the traffic pattern convicted "upstairs."So, for the rehabilitation of inmates is provided, which is a 4-step system.At the bottom of the quarry is a penal colony of special regime.With good behavior and the implementation of all requirements of the regime after the 2/3 term prisoner moved to a settlement located on the upper levels.

first three stages correspond to the IR special regime, where are the solitary cells.What better behaved prisoner, and the more time spent in prison, the higher it rises on "circles of hell" and the more freedom he gets.In the last stages of the prisoners have themselves there in the environment created by them, engaged in agricultural work, in sports, do not live in the cells and condominiums.

Interestingly, the unusual "prison" projects have already been implemented in practice.So Persis Modelo prison on the Cuban Isle of Youth, where from 1953 to 1955 kept Fidel Castro, was built on the model of the panopticon - the "ideal prison" Jeremy Bentham, when a guard can monitor all the prisoners at the same time.The prison project is a cylindrical structure with glass inner walls.The guard is in the center, but invisible to the prisoners.Prisoners do not know exactly what time they are being watched, and they have the impression of constant monitoring.

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