What is addictive behavior

addictive behavior means is any deviation from the normal conscious behavior.This is one of the varieties of destructive behavior in which a person, because of his mental state, departs from reality.In English, the term refers inclination and habit.And in other words - the dependence of people on the different needs.

addictive behavior has a negative impact on a person, at first glance, the subject of addictive behavior is a kind of satisfaction in security, an illusion of balance.But over time, this is the relationship can become stronger, thus fully covering all his mind and owning them.In other words, when the addictive behavior person becomes helpless and dependent, in some cases, it can not completely resist the addiction.

In this state, people often adjust to the object of their addiction, they try to find the way of life that would fit him.How emerging addictive behavior?To answer this question it is necessary to identify the causes of addictive behavior.Everyone reacts differently to external and internal changes.The mood is constantly changing, there are setbacks and difficulties.And here it begins to emerge addictive behavior, when people are not able to deal with their mood swings and failures.

In another way it can be explained as follows.Man, do not get that, which is so wanted and what was so anxious, is disappointed.People who are prone to addictive behavior, tolerate frustration is extremely painful, but at the same time moving away from his problems by focusing attention on other points.But the real problem is, there are new, and the dependent person, unable to deal with them again away from these negatives.All of this eventually becomes a habit, and then, and the usual model in life.

So addictive behavior is dependent on the specific subject of the objects that can be in different versions:

- chemical dependency, it implies addiction to drugs, alcohol and drugs;

- food addiction, which is starvation or overeating;

- Gamblers when a person is constantly in need of gambling and computer games;

- sexual addiction;

- workaholism and music.

All this is not the whole list of things, from which people can depend, which affects his character and negatively alters the very identity.

order not to be dependent on anything, it is necessary not to focus on their addiction, attend workshops that focus on personal characteristics, their correction and improvement.Always cultivate and expand their horizons.

addictive behavior sometimes confused with inadequate, but there is a very big difference.In the first case the person to fixate on their addiction, while the second variant blame emotions that can disturb the overall development of the brain, which then leads to aggressive behavior.Inappropriate behavior - is a manifestation of mental illness, which may manifest as aggression towards others or, conversely, as a closure.But in any case it is necessary to struggle, it is necessary to see a specialist and undergo rehabilitative treatment.Modern methods of medicine completely give guarantees speedy recovery.

Also, do not confuse the co-dependence and addictive behavior.Codependency is still evolving from an early age, when the child turns 2 years, during this period he begins to explore the world and aspires to independence, if a sense of security.But adults can also have a codependent behavior is caused by the fact that a person has low self-esteem, dependent on other people, is constantly looking for approval and did not believe in their own strength.

In each case needs its own strategy and its own method of treatment, because any abnormal behavior, you can always convert back to normal, you only need the right approach to this.