How to draw a clown: a few different ways

And whether you want to be able to draw a clown?

What may need to figure clown?

original look funny funny appliques on the wallpaper in the nursery.From the smiling clown persons mood rises by itself!And, you can make the application on fabrics - curtains or bedspreads on beds and couches.For the execution of the ideas Needlewoman necessarily need to know how to draw a clown!And yet sometimes carnivals ... Well, who is not pleased with this fun opportunity to dress up in costume and have some fun in plenty?Only those who have this suit is not ... But you can make an outfit your own hands, for example, turn into a clown, erecting from the cover of hairspray funny nose (or drawing on a cardboard mask)!And huge pants sewn from colorful scraps or old grandmother's colorful clothing is quite easy!

How to portray the face cheerful clown?

Of course, you need to draw not only the ability.You also need to have on hand a cardboard or paper, pencil, ink and a brush.Acquainted with the process of how to

draw a clown in stages, help the master class, here depicted in the attached figure.

After painting the figure will cool muzzle about this:

How to copy a clown with a printed publication?

But if you need not just a clown face, and, for example, a picture, which depicts the absurd funny man?Then there are other ways, tells you how to draw a clown to those who draw something completely and does not know how.Only this will require draftsman has finished drawing.If a picture can be found in printed form, it is easy to copy the highlighted through the glass, and then paint.You can still use carbon paper, putting it between the pattern and a blank sheet of painted surface to the next illustration.Trace the contours of the figure should be a sharp wooden stick, for example, cooking skewer or knitting needle, so as not to spoil the thing.

How to copy a picture from the Internet without a printer?

But if the picture is a clown, we want to copy found on the Internet and a printer to print out there - how to be then?There is another way, tells you how to draw a clown, which is called "cell."

necessary to copy the image with the mouse and continue to work in the program Publisher.The next step will razlinovka image - drawing vertical lines parallel and equidistant from each other.His list should also lined squares.And if you make larger squares, the figure will increase, and if smaller - decrease.Re-drawing the appropriate box in each line of the original illustrations, it is possible to receive a brand new copy.So do the picture depicted on bumagonositelyah if they need to be increased or decreased.After the image is performed, the auxiliary line must erase eraser.

How to portray the clown upright on their own?

But you can do the drawing and from beginning to end on their own.To learn how to draw a clown covered in this paragraph.For this purpose, the sheet is applied to the auxiliary geometric shapes: circle - the future head - and diamond - the body of the clown.Rhombus is divided across a line segment - is separated from the shirt panties.The bottom of the rhombus - pants - divided in half vertically.It will leg.Below a rhombus pririsovyvat large ovals - shoes.Quadrilateral scheduled sleeves to the ends pririsovyvat palm - circles.Clown face paint, using the already described a master class on drawing masks.Bow to the neck, large buttons - funny circus appeared before the audience!It remains only to paint it.