What is the annuity payments when repaying the loan?

Due to the popularity of crediting all of us, ordinary citizens, have no relation to banking, not worse than the experts began to understand the types and conditions of loans.

banks offer different interest rates and terms, as well as different conditions: with or without the initial payment, with a pledge of property or without it - we all know them carefully, opting for one or the other bank product.But there is one point that few people pay attention - this is kind of payments in the implementation of debt.This parameter depends on the amount of monthly payment, which is also an important factor, because it will have to be deducted from our income during the time of interaction with the bank.

worth knowing that there is a choice: annuity or differentiated payments.But how often do we grant the right choice?Infrequently, the bank is more profitable because those payments for which the borrower is forced to pay more than, t. E. Annuity.We agree without hesitation, simply because most do not understand what the annuity payments.If the conditions of the proposed bank credit indicates that it is possible to select the type of payment, it is not superfluous to take this opportunity to reflect on what is really profitable and convenient.

annuity payments - those in which the amount of your payment on the loan will be the same throughout the term of repayment.When the differentiated monthly payment amount will vary downward.

will understand that such annuity payments, and why banks often offer them?Like any other form of payment on the loan, this consists of two parts: principal and accrued interest on the remainder in the amount specified in the credit agreement.So, in the first part of your payment amount of the debt it is a very small portion of the principal amount, later it grows.This suggests that reduced the amount of debt is very, very slow, and interest is charged on it is.Therefore, it often happens that the borrower, not knowing what the annuity payments, and wanting to prepay the loan, suddenly unexpectedly discovers that a few months, or even years, giving the bank a monthly large sums of money, and the amount of debt decreased only slightly.It turns out that it is profitable and the bank is not profitable borrower - because you pay interest as if in advance, and if you decide to prepay the loan, An attempt to save money, you will not get - the interest on the loan has already been paid.

Plus annuity payments to their stability.With their help, it is easier to plan your budget, knowing what kind of money you will need each month to spread.That's what the annuity payments.

As is clear from the foregoing, the differentiated payments are less convenient to do calculations, but more economical.They are part of the principal is uniformly painted on the entire loan term, and interest accrued on a monthly basis decreased due to a reduction in debt.The first payments can be a heavy load to your budget, but the amount of decrease in the future and will even allow you to pay off the loan early.