What you need to take with you to the hospital?

About two weeks before the expected date of delivery is recommended that you prepare things for the upcoming event.

If you have chosen the hospital, find out what the list of things for you and the child is allowed in the hospital.Paid to give birth in hospitals or commercial offices, usually for personal things is not restricted.In public hospitals their internal order, so do not be surprised if you are not allowed to take with him some of the things that you have collected.

We give a list that will help you assemble and serve as the basis for creating your own list.

I. Required documents

- passport;
- an insurance policy;
- exchange card, prepared by your doctor, which led to the results of a pregnancy necessary tests and ultrasound;
- direction of the hospital or maternity home with a contract (personal doctor), the address of the hospital (the contact numbers of the doctor).

Do not forget your cell phone and charger to it.Do not be amiss to carry a certain amount of money.

II.Things that will be needed during childbirth

- free T-shirt or a nightgown (preferably new);
- washable slippers;
- socks made of natural fabrics (cotton) and socks, but not wool;
- drink (ordinary sparkling mineral water);
- facial tissues.

III.Things that will be needed after the birth

- nightgown with buckles in the front, so you can easily remove the breast feeding, lightweight robe, comfortable underwear, slippers, cotton socks;
- personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, comb, soap, toilet paper, nourishing cream for hands and face, chapstick);
- sanitary napkins with high absorbency (the first day), after 2-3 days, you can use a thin lining;
- a pair of special bras for feeding (for the convenience of the front zipper) removable chest pads;
- cream to protect the nipples from cracking;
- laxatives candles with glycerin (which may be a problem with a chair in the first days after birth);
- plastic bags for dirty clothes.

IV.Things to newborn

- diapers (2-5 kg, small packing);
- liquid talcum powder or cream under the diaper;
- Baby Clothing (if you do not plan to swaddle a baby): 4-5 sliders very small size, light and warm vests 4-5 pcs.(available body, easier to wear), socks, gloves, cap or hat.

V. Preparing for discharge

1) Things for mom:

- comfortable underwear (remember Nursing Bra);
- tights;
- loose pants or skirt (better to wear what to wear during pregnancy, as to the former size you return at once);
- jacket should be comfortable for feeding - if you long to go home, it may happen that it will be necessary to feed the baby in the car;
- shoes, corresponding to this time of year, preferably without heels;
- outerwear and headgear conforming to this time of year;
- cosmetic, deodorant.

2) Things for the baby:

- diapers;
- body suit;
- socks;
- cap under the cap (depending on the season);
- clothes (coveralls, cover, quilt or blanket).

We would like to remind you that due to changed traffic rules need to transport the baby in the car seat.
Based on this, you will need:

- baby car seat group 0+;
- an ordinary envelope you will not want, need this envelope (or coveralls), in which the legs are kept free to put the baby in the car seat and fasten his seat belts.

3) Documents:

- a copy of the exchange card (card must be returned to the antenatal clinic for the transfer of benefits);
- the child's birth certificate (certificate is given to the registrar for registration of the child);
- a copy of a generic certificate (the certificate contains information about your birth);
- opinion on the health of the child (pay attention to the conclusion contained the information on the procedures that were carried out to the kid, and the medications administered to him).

4) Note the Pope:

- camera / camcorder;
- flowers for his wife;
- flowers / gifts for nurses.

5) What else you need to remember:

Do not hesitate to ask your doctor or nurse to your questions, a list of issues better to prepare in advance.

Do not forget to specify that you expect the medical staff of the children's clinic - as a rule, according to the children's hospital clinic in the registration of your child's birth.The next day, after leaving to come to you nurse.The first medical patronage is held in the next three days, but is usually a pediatrician comes on the first day after discharge from the hospital.

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