If a child is being teased at school

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tease your child in school?Because of the ridicule he does not want to go to school, looking for the slightest excuse to stay at home?Yes, in case bad.But there is a solution.We will tell you how to help your child in this situation, and learn how to settle conflicts children.

Children conflicts

If your child being teased at school, child psychologists recommend not to get involved in this conflict for children.Your intervention will not keep other children in a different way to treat the child.They still continue to tease the baby and say nasty things about him.They did not realize that the cause someone pain.On the contrary, as a rule, by the intercession of the child's older, more negative adjusts classmates against a child.Communicate with them on an equal footing, to take in the company, they will not.And all by the fact that he is a "sneak" - he told all adults, he could not handle, and gave parents.

independence kid

So your attempt to help the crumbs will, for sure, to isolate it in the range of peers.In addition, the child will do to a conclusion: he can not handle himself into trouble and difficulties, he always needs help of adults.As a result, the child will lose self-esteem, most importantly - confidence in their own abilities.Plus to this, the student will no longer respect their parents.And all because of the fact that they intervened in a conflict with his classmates and the result was negative.

How to help your child?

Many parents advise children to deal with offenders alone: ​​to find out relationships directly.To do this, the child should openly come to classmates who teased him and ask what they do not like, why they scoff.Very often, such proceedings are moving into a fight, which does not always win the one who is right.But participation in the fight gives a positive result - the child becomes confident.But in any case, the child should not be a view that with their fists and strength always everything can be solved.On the contrary, the child should explain that it is possible to resolve the situation, and the other, quite effective methods.

Shkolnik is convinced that the problem is not with him, and those who tease him.The child must understand that he has a strong character, he is confident in their own abilities, and therefore will not pay attention to the offenders, even if the real reason.

Another effective way for a child to subdue the offenders - do not pay attention to their taunts.Do not give them to understand that you accept their foolishness to heart.

unexpected reaction

bad advise the child laugh more when teased.Translating this into a common joke.Yes, it's not easy to do.But very often this method works.If a child laugh, he thereby shows that all the words of teasing - nonsense, and they behaved not too clever.Other classmates understand it very quickly.And then, they will laugh just not interested.

Sometimes convince a child to resort to one or another method of resolving the conflict is not easy.To do this, give some example.Tell your child in a similar situation at the time turned out to be you, or someone you know.Good will affect the baby a story about someone famous, such as an actor, athlete or entertainer who managed to cope with such a situation.You need to convince the child that he must resolve the conflict on their own, because you're not going to solve all of life's his problem.

Another school

If a child insists to transfer him to another school because of the conflict - then you need to think about.Everything must depend on the specific situation.But usually, it does not change the situation.Child psychologists recommend to solve the conflict on the ground.After all, such a situation could be repeated in the new school.And that could aggravate the situation.The child may again "escape" from further trouble.Because of this situation, it will not make any conclusions for themselves.

But if you have finally decided to transfer their child to another school - before that talk to him.Explain that in the new school from the first day he will have to defend their position that this does not happen again.Tell your child how to be to act in a given situation.If after your baby has a reputation "crybabies", "smug", "demure" - Encourage your child to be himself.But, at the same time advised him to be more self-critical towards themselves to monitor their behavior and do not repeat past mistakes.

So if your kid had a conflict with his classmates - it is better not to interfere.Give him an opportunity to investigate the situation.After all, your help can only hurt.If the situation does not change - it tries to convince your child that the problem is not in it, his abuser.And in general, the most important thing - Dari your child more affection, love and attention.Schoolboy should feel confident.

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