Conflicts in the organization.

as we would not like to return, but the conflicts in the organization, alas, not uncommon.Rather, it is already "the prose of life" rather than the exception.This situation is aggravated by all sorts of crises and forcing executives and ordinary employees worried and foresee all the options.In such difficult conditions of modern life conflicts in the organization it happens more often because the very situation escalated to the limit.

But really now there is no way out, and it remains only to put up?And maybe there are options as possible to protect themselves from long-standing conflicts and solve all peacefully?

turn to the advice of psychologists, experts in conflict situations.So, if the brewing and periodically there are conflicts in the company, remember a few rules.

First, put yourself in, say, the head of the place (for example, we take it conflict with the head, not with colleagues or subordinates for the approach in each case is to be completely different).Think about that, perhaps, the ch

ief and not a tyrant, as you think.Do you know how his day?It is no less a burden of responsibility than you.And probably even more.Above the head of the also have their bosses and ask him, probably more than it asks from you.Put yourself in his place, I think, of this much clearer.

second.Think about why you are all working on this job?Are there any positive things that make you hold on to this place?Perhaps the salary is not so little, or simply you do not have yet the other proposals with a higher salary.Maybe the place of work is located next to the house, or you perform such duties and not complicated.If you focus on the positive, not the professional conflicts will seem so inevitable evil.Everywhere looking for positive aspects.

In addition, if the conflicts in the organization you unbalance, and there is nothing you can do about it, give yourself a vow.For example, should I (should) to finalize before the end of this year.Then I'll take a vacation / sick leave and start heavily to find new employment.Do not sit and think that you are in the yoke, which obliges you now work here my entire adult life.Not at all.You do not owe anything to anyone, like you no one should.Another thing is that departing from the conflict in such a way, you do not get the guarantee that the new job and the chief would be "soft and fluffy" and well-coordinated team.How would not want to disappoint you, but, alas, it may happen that the new job you expect the same problems.Therefore, conflict is best not to run.We have to work on yourself, to be able to say no and to know the tactics of behavior in conflict situations.

next item, which is important to remember, leading the "fighting" - watch out for the fact that they speak.If you're giving in to emotions, cry out that they no longer want to work in such an environment, consider what happens when the conflict will take place?And it will be necessary.You either need to keep my promise, or ... admit they were wrong.

And last but not least.Think about whether you are able to make a good impression?Pleasing you to communicate?A person who has a flavor, pleasant in dialogue, well-dressed, fragrant aromas of fresh, know what good manners, proper speech has, can boast of the absence of bad habits, arrives on time, contains your workplace clean, etc.- Can not make a good impression on others, including their superiors.Of course, this is no guarantee that the conflict will not, but the likelihood of "unjustified attack" from others is sharply reduced.These people are respected.

conflicts at work - is not a reason to get depressed.