How will the second birth - cope with the excitement and enlists the help of

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Pregnancy - is one of the happiest periods in the life of every woman, but when it comes to the second delivery, all kinds of thoughts and reflections deliver a lot of anxiety.Of course, it all depends on the health of mothers, how to flow the entire period of waiting baby and what the history of first childbirth.

If a woman has a child and he was born as a result of caesarean section, the answer to the question of how will be the second birth, is more than obvious.Of course, in medical practice there are cases of self-expulsion of the fetus after surgery, but usually they occur spontaneously when contractions begin another home and a new life begins to rejoice before the doctors manage to pick up a surgical instrument.

course, for the mother is very important to know how to pass the second birth, so at this moment support is desired not only skilled professionals who can assure a woman in a favorable outcome, but also relatives and friends.This natural process imposes quite a serious mark on the health of women in travail, why doctors always collect a detailed history of the first pregnancy and fix it with the results.On the question of how will be the second birth, and whether significant differences from the previous ones, the answer can be ambiguous becausenature is not up to snuff, and stable laws it did not exist.

However, the differences in most cases, is still present.First, is the duration of the whole process, which is significantly reduced.The cervix in the first period revealed much faster, which helps facilitate the passage of the fetus through the birth canal.However, many women simply do not have time to understand what is happening, and difficult to medical recommendations, which may complicate the whole process.That is why, just felt like a second birth begins, you should gather his thoughts and concentrate on the sensations, carefully listening to the advice of an experienced midwife who will tell you how to behave.

unrest pregnant women are not baseless, because the body - is a complex and individual system, which is difficult to be programmed in advance.If you are worried and tormented by the question of how will be the second birth, you should take yourself in hand and remember all that helped last time.The obvious advantage is precisely the knowledge of the possible feelings that women experience during the opening of the cervix and expulsion of the fetus, so the level of these mothers is much higher than others.This means that you can help yourself.

likely will be the second childbirth faster and experience in this respect is not necessary.A stable emotional state and the support of friends and relatives have the most beneficial effect on the whole process.So do not be afraid, most importantly - to think about the health of the unborn child, because we all know that between the fetus and the mother there is an invisible bond that helps them to feel each other.