What box?

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geography, biology, chemistry, algebra, geometry ... Students have to deal with a lot of information from a variety of sciences.However, there are areas of knowledge, which is simple enough to understand, familiar with their fundamental laws.These include the geometry.To know all the details of this science, it is necessary to get acquainted with its basics, the axioms.After all, without the foundations of geometry nowhere.

Defining rectangle

Rectangle - a geometric shape with four right angles.The definition is fairly simple, but do not think that students do not have problems with the study of such topics, because there are a number of features.Rectangle dimensions depend on the length of its sides, which are most often referred to in Latin letters a and b.

Rectangle Properties

  • hand, lying against each other are equal and parallel;
  • diagonal figures are equal;
  • point of intersection of the diagonals divides them in half;
  • rectangle can be divided into two equal right triangles.

Signs rectangle

There are only three features, which has rectangle.Here they are:

  • parallelogram with equal diagonals - a rectangle;
  • parallelogram with a right angle - a rectangle;
  • quadrangle with three right angles - a rectangle.

little more interesting

So, what is a rectangle, it is now clear, but the role it plays in the geometric problems and measurements in practice remains to be sorted out.So, first of all I must say that this is the most convenient geometric figure, with which you can divide the area into sections and in open areas and in the rooms.What box?As is known, it is a quadrangle.There are many varieties of the latter, among them the trapeze (only two sides equal), a parallelogram (opposite sides parallel), square (all corners and sides of the same), a rhombus (a parallelogram with equal sides), and others.A particular case of the rectangle is a square, in which all the angles are right angles and sides are equal.

can not talk about what is a rectangle, and not to mention, how do you determine its size.Area of ​​the geometric shape is considered the product of its width by the length and the perimeter as well as any figures, is the sum of the lengths of all sides.In this case it is equal to twice the sum of the length and width, because the opposing sides of the rectangle are equal.Now you know what a rectangle and what to do with solving the problem, and learning the secrets of this mysterious and mysterious science, as geometry.