How to improve the immune system and not get sick?

It is known that diseases begin when the body fight the illness can not.In this case we speak of low immunity.Although this concept is frequently used, it should be used to refer to the entire system, which protects the human body from such "pests" such as viruses, bacteria, fungi.Therefore, it is natural to question a lot about how to improve immunity.After all, it often depends on life expectancy.

causes of low immunity

But before you answer the question of how to improve the immune system, it is necessary to deal with the question of why he is declining.As pointed out by the doctors, the main factors that suppress the body's support are:

  • some medications, particularly antibiotics;
  • substandard food and poor nutrition;
  • systematic lack of sleep;
  • excessive physical or mental stress;
  • frequent sunbathing in the sun;
  • stress;
  • or micronutrient deficiencies of certain vitamins;
  • alcohol;
  • bad environmental situation.


Turning to the question: "How can boost immunity?" - First of all, we should point out the high-quality food.The diet should be present vegetables, honey, fruit.Particularly useful for the organism are dairy products, particularly yogurt, because they contain healthy bacteria that got into the intestine, multiply and become a kind of barrier to microorganisms.As is well known, active in the fight against viruses are volatile, as they are contained in garlic and onions.Products, improve the immune system, they are:

  • black currants;
  • blueberries;
  • cranberries;
  • seafood;
  • meat;
  • juices from apples and carrots;
  • green tea.

Fruits, improve immunity - it's almost all citrus, including grapefruit, lemon, orange.But the sweet and fried should be abandoned, because the digestion of food takes a lot of time and energy of the body.


If you are interested in how to improve the immune system, then turn your attention to hardening.Of course, you should not abruptly take on this matter, because you can really hurt yourself.You should begin with rubbing feet with a damp towel.Subsequently, you can start to wash your feet with cold water, and then the whole body.Will be useful and douches, but only on condition that addiction to temperature changes will be gradual.Kids recommended to start hardening with a walk around the house barefoot.


In the case where the immune system is greatly reduced, and you can use certain medications.For example, proved to be effective plant-based drugs, such as "Riboxinum", "Vivaptol", "Politabs", "Moristerol."Preparations containing antioxidants and bee products is not the best way to strengthen the forces there?Thus, successfully proven tools such as "Fitoton" "Elton", "Adapton."People with increased physical activity can be used adjuvants, such as "Taktivin", "Complivit", "immunoglobulin", "Pentaglobin", "Multi-sanostol" "Vitrum Life" and others.

General recommendations

to the question of how to improve the immune system, has disappeared in general, to avoid all of the reasons leading to its weakening.So, to worry less and avoided stressful situations.We need to put a taboo on alcohol, poor diet, cigarettes, as well as antibiotics.And, of course, can not do without sports.Daily gymnastics and not heavy exercise and strengthen the muscles and joints, and the immune system.