Interesting folk omens fall

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Our ancestors folk omens autumn helped determine whether the harvest next year, what kind of weather to expect in the winter or spring.Modern people have lost the ability to independently predict the weather, since the monitor climate changes and developments in the nature mainly due to the news.But every autumn months you will notice the features and use of knowledge about the signs, to get information about the weather for the coming days and months.

Folk omens fall in September

September, as a rule - the beginning of the month leaf fall.And this traditional feature can be used in their observations.Many folk omens September devoted to defoliation.For example, if started early leaf fall, it portends premature cooling and the early arrival of winter.But if the leaves began to fall late, it was believed that the coming year will stand heavy winter will be very cold and protracted.The Big Chill and promised rapid defoliation.At the end of the month you look at the birch and aspen.If they are not completely circled, then next year will be rich in harvest.But the remaining leaves on the cherry - a sign of a thaw.Since ancient times, it was important for people to learn about the harvest forecasts next year, there was even a national sign - depending on how you lay a sheet.If he fell wrong side up, it served as a good sign, and if vice versa, do not wait for the harvest.

Folk omens fall in October

October - the month of dirt and rain, the birds start to drag shoals south.These familiar signs of autumn all can serve as good or bad sign.For example, if a bird flew to the Protection of the holiday (it is celebrated on October 14), the peasants knew that soon the autumn will subside and give way to winter.If migratory birds are in no hurry to leave their homes, the warm weather will last through the fall.Swans departure meant snowfall in the near future, and reaching out to the south shoals of geese - long rains.Even the dirt road was a kind of omen.For example, from the first appearance of dirt counted 4 weeks, and have dropped out date is considered the beginning of winter.

Folk omens fall in November

this month and now find time completion of the autumn pore.On the first day of November, it decided to evaluate the crown of trees.If there were leaves, you should expect a poor harvest next year will be hungry.November 9 - Feast of Winter Matrona, if it will give a hazy, the winter will be warm, and if this day is frost on the trees and houses, it will be fierce.Mid-November (to be exact, 14 November) defined freak whether oats.The more the frost fell on that day, the richer the expected results of sowing.But snow or rain on the day of Ivan Gracious (November 25) reported that up to severe cold is still far.

Believe it or not?

Russian folk omens - a whole layer of knowledge of the people, a sign of his observation.They enable us to understand how a farmer was dependent on the changeable weather conditions, and how close he was at the same time to nature.And most importantly - signs based on any phenomena that do not lose their relevance, so if you have a weather forecast is a persistent distrust, think about them.