Kuznetsk coal basin

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One of the most major coal bases of peace is Kuznetsk coal basin.It is located in southern Siberia.Its area reaches seventy thousand square kilometers and captures the Altai Territory, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk region.This geographical location is considered to be unprofitable, as the main coal consuming areas are far enough away.

Kuznetsk basin was opened in 1721, serfs prospectors.Later, in 1851, it was founded Bochatskaya mine, and since 1897 began production of coal in Anzhero-area.

Under the leadership of LILutugino 1914 began research and geological survey pool.As a result, the light came the first geological map of the area and it was decided to create the Ural-Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine.

Coal Basin consists of 260 layers of different capacity: 1,3-3,5 m. They are distributed unevenly - from 9 to 30 m.

addition to coal, the Kuznetsk coal basin contains deposits of peat, iron ore, limestone, building materials, refractory clays, precious stones and so on.Today Kuzbass - is one of the most important industrial regions of Russia.The main industries in the region are: mining and processing of iron ore, coal and non-metallic raw materials for the building industry and metallurgy.

Mining conducted mills Kemerovougol, JUzhkuzbassugol, Kuzbassugol, prokopevskugol 90 mines and pits.The average depth of the mines is 200 meters, and the maximum - 500 meters.

largest producer of Kuznetsk coal basin is in second place after the Donbass.However, largely surpasses its economic and mining parameters.

main coal mining is carried out in the central and southern regions: Belovo, Prokopevsko-Kiselevsk, Tomusinsky Mine, Leninsk-Kuznetsky.The process of extraction is carried out underground, hydraulic and open way.The share of open-pit mining accounts for 30%, and hydraulic - 5%.Successfully operated three hydraulic mines.Underground coal gasification plant works Prokopevsko-Kiselevsk area.

Kuznetsk coal basin has 25 modern coal preparation plants, 365 combines, designed for cleaning work, 180 mechanized complexes, 200 harvesters, 1,731 locomotives, 12,000 tape and scraper conveyors, 450 loaders.The main technological production processes for the extraction and transportation of coal mechanized.As assistive technology used by 80 locomotives, 448 excavators, 300 bulldozers, 900 dump cars, hundreds of drilling rigs, cranes and heavy machines.All of them run by skilled workers.

largest modern mechanized enterprise - Jubilee in Novokuznetsk them.Lenin in Mezhdurechensk, and others.Every day they give about ten thousand tons of coal.In the future it is planned to increase this figure.

Besides the coal industry, in the Kuznetsk Basin is well-developed metallurgy (West Siberian plant, Novokuznetsk Aluminum Plant, Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine, Belovo Zinc Plant), mechanical engineering, chemical industry.

Kuznetsk coal basin is different continental climate.Here, often quite sharply changing temperature, intensity of solar radiation and precipitation.

in the direction from south to north area of ​​coal basin crosses the river Tom.It is the main source of technical and drinking water plants.

Territory the Kuznetsk Basin is constantly exposed to in connection with the development of the industry.Resulting in the transformation of man-made landscapes.