Icon Vsetsaritsa.

there is light at the miraculous icon Vsetsaritsa.How many people she had saved from the terrible disease does not count as not to consider those who come to it each year in the hope of healing.

history image

Once upon a time, in the 17th century by an unknown artist was written Vsetsaritsa icon.By itself, this shrine is small but it is very cleverly done!It depicts the Virgin Mary sitting in a red dress with the baby Jesus on her lap.In the hands of her royal son can see the scroll, and behind the Virgin are two angels.

Today the shrine is located in the Vatopedi Monastery on the famous Mount Athos, Greece.

old legend

There is an ancient legend that tells the story of the miracle of the first who did Vsetsaritsa icon.According to him, once again he came to the monastery, a young man and stopped next to the way Vsetsaritsa.He began to whisper something, and in a moment the face of the Mother of God shone a blinding light and a mysterious force threw the man to the floor.The boy was frightened and trembling with fear, told the monks that have long been fond of magic and sorcery, and came to the temple to try out their "strength" in the case.After the incident, the young man gave up witchcraft.This is such a miracle has identified Vsetsaritsa icon.

other wonders of the image of Our Lady of

Following the first miracle began to happen, and other incredible things!The image of Our Lady began to heal people of their ailments.To it came with various diseases, but especially the icon became known due to the fact that she was healing from cancer.

To it drove people who had nothing on hope, but at the same time did not want to accept the reality as it is.And many of them, after the prayer icon Vsetsaritsa was read, were healed of their ailment.Some disease like to freeze in place, extending the life of these people.All told by numerous gifts that just hung with the image - this gold chains and crosses and rings ... Everyone was in a hurry to bring healed thanks to its savior.But other than that it is known that in many churches you can find a special magazine, which carried "accounting" Wonders of the Mother of God.

City, where there are lists of icons

Of course, news of the miraculous icon quickly spread not only to the entire country, but the whole world.Then they began to think about what it would be advisable to make at least one list with this icon.So they did.Thus there was an icon Vsetsaritsa in Moscow.

Soon, numerous cases of healing began to take place here.Until now go to the image of Our Lady of the suffering in the hope of healing.Some make the whole list of those for whom to pray before an icon, and some who can not come here himself, sends such notes for those traveling.

Subsequently, many people are returning to the gracious Vsetsaritsa again.But this time, to thank her.Someone brings a gift, as mentioned above, gold.And someone dares after the creation of the Mother of God to work a miracle in the church, to take care of icons and serve God.