Type of fine folk art.

Any kind of fine folk art is an element that is created by people.Most of them appeared at the dawn of the formation of human society.For a long period, the skills needed to folk art, passed down from generation to generation.In the process of art becomes more modern technique of his performance also improved, but the foundation has always remained the same.

Aesthetics and visual creativity

In fact, every kind of fine folk art was needed in order to make the (planed, smelt) a certain objective environment and place it on all the aesthetic standards of the time, when, in fact, it was created.It should be noted that any art that is usually called the public to some of the local structure, be it a country or a small village developed rather slowly.This does not mean that creativity stagnated, on the contrary, it has acquired new features.But difficulties arise with various innovations.For example, until now, many works of art done by hand.While replacing a person for a long time came machines that are able to more quickly and professionally perform its job.

Intertwined fine arts and other

Any kind of fine folk art intertwined with other types of art.For example, when something is carved out of wood, it often is painted later.Or you can see the architecture, sculpture, decorative elements - all this is close to the fine arts.They simply can not exist without each other.Thus, all kinds of folk art are inextricably linked, and sometimes they are mutually exclusive, but in most cases - perfectly complement.

arts - a classic fine art

most common and classic look of fine folk art - is, of course, painting.It can be divided into easel and monumental.The first is a separate category of painting, which should be called independent.As the name suggests that machine-type is only performed on any unit.In fact, it can make any form of pattern in a person, regardless of whether it help the equipment or not.All items easel painting, usually decorate a room or represented at exhibitions in museums, as it is - the usual pattern.Monumental painting is painting the building's walls, both internal and external.Around the world there are a large number of elements of folk art, and they are the architectural and / or historical heritage of the countries on whose territories are located.

Thus, the types of fine art in its classic version are common, but more often they are interwoven with other folk art.In any case, they are all real historical heritage of any country, hence the need to maintain their technique and originality.