What is tradition?

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sagas, epics, folk tales and legends, myths, legends and stories - it's all components of folklore.To him are also ballads, songs, folk songs and proverbs.These genres have come to us from a distant time and narrate in a different form of life of our ancestors.

These components are interconnected folklore similarities and differences.What traditions and legends?How do they differ?If you start from the root of the word "tradition", it can be assumed that this information is transmitted "word of mouth", and their first principle is a fact, of course, embellished with time.Therefore, they are more popularly known as "true stories" and "byvalschiny", thus confirming their authenticity.


In most cases, they are characterized by a historical theme.What is heroic legends, mythical or legendary, reflects the following list:

  • story about the national hero;
  • story of the pagan deities;
  • examples of religious asceticism, lozhivshiesya the basis of the legendary tradition, thus blurring the line between it and the legend.

Each ethnic group their samples of this genre of folklore, which combine to create a national epic.

clear illustration of the question that such traditions can serve as a "tradition of the Deluge."There is no doubt the fact of the actual events that served as the basis for it, since different peoples stories about it is almost identical to the last detail.

characteristic that is mentioned in the stories is not only an event, but also gives the reasons for his breed.A huge number of books, part of "the Scriptures," inspired the creation of the Christian faith and the emergence of ecclesiastical law.

Russian historical tradition - an inexhaustible source of information about mermaids, fairy-tale heroes, houses, water and other pagan deities.All this is inspired by Russian classics to create their works of genius - "Ondine" Zhukovsky, Pushkin fairy tales, the heroes of which are full of charm and compassion cause.

now published legends of all the peoples of the world.Seen the light "Russian tradition", "Russian traditions and legends," you can get acquainted with the attractive world of our ancestors.

Some sources draw parallels between the legend and tradition.This is explained by the fact that the one and the other is the transmission, often orally from generation to generation of specific knowledge and teachings.

tradition, dedicated to the same person or event, united in cycles that can accurately describe the characteristics of the subject sung.They are a prerequisite for the emergence of proverbs.Other sources claim that the folk tradition of poetic creativity - a certain kind of stories, fiction in which differs from the fantasy of fairy tales and legends of wonders.

At any understanding of what the tradition, their reliability is not questioned.Based on their content, can be seen on the real history of the nation.Any event in the life of the world was reflected in the folk epic.According to some extant legends can make a picture of the ancient world.