How to dispose of your car?

Many car owners are wondering, "How to dispose of your car?"First, let's understand what this process is that it includes in itself and how is carried out.

So the first thing is to talk - a disposal of batteries.It is performed in order to reduce municipal solid waste in the disposal of toxic and noxious substances.Batteries contain acids, heavy metals and alkalis.And they are getting into the soil or water, cause great damage to the environment.

Lead-acid batteries - most recycling is carried out with them, since this type of battery is widely used in electric vehicles, automobiles, power supplies (UPS), motorcycles and various equipment used in industrial activity.Lead - a toxic metal.He's getting into the body, it destroys bone.Dangerous and acids.That's why recycling attracts attention, and today, fortunately, dispose of the device data - no problem.

next topic - a tire recycling.In today's world, which has been steadily increasing the number of cars, recycling becomes a huge economic and environmental importance to many countries of the world.This is primarily due to the fact that the tires that are worn out, are a source of environmental pollution.Rubber is a flammable product, moreover, can not decompose.And, as is known, the mass of rubber tires - a great living environment for insects and rodents that spread infectious diseases.In addition, recycling of tires is good that more than 80 percent of them are made of synthetic rubber material, which is obtained from crude oil.

So, how to dispose of the car?The owner of the vehicle will need to come to the registration authority at the place where the vehicle is registered on the account.You should have a passport.Then you will write a statement in which they provide information about what the machine should be removed from the register, as it will be disposed of.It should also be noted that the documents were lost and the numbers (unknown circumstances).On inspection of the vehicle do not need to provide.That's all, you will only have to pay tax for the period during which the car was registered in the name of its owner.

So, before you dispose of a car should be explored sequence of actions.First you need to go to the dealer on the machine that will be put at disposal.Then you print an approved form, which indicates recovery.After that, the power of attorney issued in a conventional documentary form for the approval of the operations to be carried out to remove the car from the register.Then, the transfer of the car to a recycling center and receive a certificate about it.How to dispose of the car on?This is followed by the signing of the agreement, which will serve as the basis for performing the above operations.Before you will receive a certificate of disposal carried out, the machine will be stored.