Rose Midsummer - Pride grower

Rose - one of the most beautiful representatives of the flower world.No wonder it is called the queen of flowers, the beauty of this plant has no equal.Big beautiful bud captivating aroma does not leave anyone indifferent grower.Without a rose bed will not succeed.One of the most popular types - rose Midsummer.

Description varieties

Midsummer Midsummer Rose belongs to the group floribunda and is one of the brightest representatives of this species.

rose this class has some differences from the already well-known representatives of this family.Bud has a golden color, but the flower itself, when revealed, reminiscent of strawberries.The shade of the flower is so beautiful that makes admire itself again and again.It reaches a diameter of 5-7 centimeters, which had already struck, as it seemed, a small bud turns into a large and beautiful flower.The shape of the flower cupped variety refers to the types of terry, because the number of petals reaches 40. Midsummer Rose has a light, pleasant flavor that goes well with other types of flowers.Often found in compositions of this plant with other types of roses.

flowering period rose

Midsummer Rose blooms from June to October.Throughout this time pleasing their owners.This type is abundant flowering, buds bloom mainly in the inflorescences.The plant does not take much space, bush height 80-100 cm and a width of 60 centimeters.Leaves large, green in color with a glossy finish.

Positive characteristics

This rose is not only very attractive but also easy to grow and picky.Quality can not be a frost, but at the same time, the plant tolerates hot summer.There is a high resistance to disease.For example, powdery mildew and black spot.Delicate and beautiful petals are not damaged by rain.

plant blooms again, what pleases the eye of the gardener.And if it is cut off and put in a vase, you can enjoy for a long time, as the flower holds its shape well.

There are many advantages to the culture Midsummer Rose, gardeners only positive reviews.Absolutely everything is recommended to lodge the new lodger his garden.Although the plant is relatively small in size, but thanks to the large number of flowers per stem turns into a huge bush.

Before gardener is a difficult choice, but it fit in this class will become a garden splendor!