About that tells the myth of Daedalus and Icarus

From early childhood, we loved to listen to mystical stories about the exploits of the heroes of antiquity, especially the myths and legends.After all, they tell us about the strength, agility, wisdom, a man of love and hate;we are immersed in a fantasy world, which is inaccessible to us.

Myths.What do they tell us?

Myth is an ancient tradition that conveys understanding of the world of our ancestors, and so never mankind is no longer interested in them.Different people have their own stories, but the best known myths of ancient Greece.Ancient Greek people renowned for his tireless activity, vigor, the ancient Greeks have tried to find an explanation for the emergence of life on earth, natural phenomena and to determine the true state of man in this world.He was born the myth of Daedalus and Icarus in ancient Athens.In those days the city was a center of trade, crafts, there do science, and all kinds of arts.

Daedalus was an honorary citizen of Athens, and the inhabitants of the town respected him for his consummate skill of the builder, sculptor and stonecutter.But not only the Athenians knew and respected the Daedalus, in other cities of Greece, he was famous for his sculptural works and construction: all said that it stands as a living statue.

My grandfather lived in the students nephew, and he began to surpass his mentor: even in his early years, he invented a new machine to work with clay, the saw teeth of the snake and a lot of other necessary adaptations.Thanks to their inventions even in adolescence, he became known, all proud of that and became arrogant.Uncle became jealous of the young master, he feared that the student will surpass his mentor, and he decided to commit a crime: late at night, he threw his nephew to the city walls.After committing the crime he was overcome fear: because it would be considered a murderer his nephew.

What happened to Daedalus?

After all these experiences, it is said the myths of ancient Greece, Daedalus found refuge and protection from the Cretan King Minos: he made the architect's own painter.Minos ordered Daedalus to create a special shelter for the Minotaur, a mythical animal with the body of a man and a bull's head, so that it did not see the people.

famous builder built the Labyrinth (both narrates the myth of Daedalus and Icarus), which had a lot of moves and fancy transitions, it was easy to get lost.They then went back and forth, and come out of there was impossible.That such a confusing place and had to live Minotaur.

to feed the Minotaur Athenians sent seven young men and women, it was their tribute to the Cretan king.

But Daedalus was a witty man, and when they brought the captives, he gave the king's daughter Ariadne a ball of thread with which they might come back if Theseus fighting the Minotaur in the win.About this proznal Cretan king and hid grandfather in prison.

Like Daedalus move across the sea?

It tells on the myth of Daedalus and Icarus, famous masters did not like was the imprisonment, he began thinking about how quietly leave his prison.He realized that the Cretan king did not let him go willingly, and decided to fly through the air.To his dreams he collected various bird feathers, tied them in a specific order, like a bird, and his work from afar could be mistaken for the real bird's wings.For bonding the feathers he used linen and waxed laces, and a little folded over them.

Little Icarus, son of Daedalus, liked to look at the work of his father, but eventually he began to help him tinkering wings.At the end of Daedalus wings attached to his body, and began to hover over all, like a bird.After landing, the father ran up to him and Icarus began tearfully begged him and make exactly the same wings together to travel by air.At first, my father was very angry at his son's request, but soon softened heart and fashioned boy wings.

Daedalus warned his son that the wings are attached with wax, and need to fly carefully, not rising high into the sky, where the sun was very close.But naughty Icarus did in his own way - has risen too high, the wax began to melt from the hot sun, the wings collapsed and he fell into the sea.Later people named in his honor by the sea - it is still called Icarian.The body washed up on the shore, and the mighty Hercules gave him the land on a small island, which also bears the name of a proud young man - Icarus.

What tells the myth of Daedalus and Icarus?

read this legend, a man wants to engage in lofty things, moving away from the daily routine.After mankind has learned to travel by land and water, it began to think about moving through the air.

image of Icarus embodies the idea that any, the most sublime dreams can be accomplished to achieve this goal his hard work, diligence and skill.And Daedalus created wings can be a symbol of superior craftsmanship.

Neglect of Icarus to the advice of his father led him to death, but he forgot about everything in a thrilling flight, tried to fly to the sun.It's not like the Olympic gods, and they were severely punished him.