How to install on your computer Hay Day

Hay Day - an exciting game that will give you the opportunity to feel not only the farmer, but also a businessman.It has everything that is typical for such strategies: picturesque plants and funny animals.Initially, the game was released for devices on "Android", but set the Hay Day on a computer can also be.

essence of the game is to collect the harvest and products (milk, meat, wool, etc.), Which can be sold to other players or use in the production of delicious food and quality clothing that will significantly increase profits.

At the beginning of the game you are given a small plot of land, little money and diamonds.In the future you will be able to increase their ownership, but it will need to collect a certain number of various materials (stakes, hammers, bills of sale).With the development of your farm, you will be able to fish, join a neighborhood, develop location "City".

Hay Day How to install on your PC?

So you want to start playing in Hay Day.The game, as mentioned above, is design

ed to "Androids".But what if you have a normal PC or laptop, and the game you are interested in?There is a solution - you need to install on the PC emulator "Android."

Now you can find a lot of options, but the most popular emulator - BlueStacks.You can download it for free from the official website.After installing the application you will need to click on the icon with the magnifying glass in the search box write Hay Day.Now you only have to download it and you can start a farm road.

Game Hay Day - free, but you can buy diamonds for real money that can be spent on improving the granary, towers, acceleration of production, purchase of materials to expand their holdings.

Installation BlueStacks

As noted above, to set the Hay Day on the computer need the emulator "Android."The "BlyuStaks", in contrast to their counterparts, do not require the installation of additional applications, which certainly is an advantage.

Before you install it on your computer, please create an account Google.This is a prerequisite.Start the boot file, agree to the terms of the agreement and select the location on your hard drive where you want to install an emulator.

When the installation process is complete, on the desktop shortcut will be two Hay Day.The game starts by clicking on one of them, namely Start BlueStacks.

start an application, you will see a menu where there are applications that you open most often, as well as the best games and programs.If you click on the gear icon, you can adjust the "BlyuStaks" at will.

Useful tips

you already know how to install Hay Day on the computer, but before you start the game, read some tips to experienced players:

  • At the beginning of the game not use the money for various "decorations".All funds in the first levels to collect better, because after 15 lvl cost structures will be quite high.
  • Diamonds better spent on the purchase of additional cells in industrial buildings.By the way, get this game currency in several ways.For example, the daily viewing video (click on the ticket next to the mailbox), opening chests and winning the race.Also, setting the Hay Day on "Android", you can buy diamonds for real money.
  • Go to bed?Do not forget to run the production of products that are prepared longest.

Attend farm other players and watering trees (marked with an exclamation mark).For this you will receive letters that are exchanged for prizes.

How quickly expand the tower and the barn?

To increase the amount of these structures, it is necessary a number of different materials (boards, nails, bolts and the like. D.).As a rule, one player accumulates a lot, for example, an adhesive tape, but the panel is not enough.They can be obtained by sharing with friends, which should add to Facebook.

way, building materials fall during harvest.So you can grow wheat (growing 2 minutes) and collect it by selling 1 penny, not to linger on the counter.

Conclusion As you can see, Hay Day set on the computer is easy.You will need app only "BlyuStaks."Now, even if you have not had time to buy a "android" tablet or phone, you still will be able to play this wonderful game.At the same time, remember that the best program to download from the official site.