The agenda of the military enlistment office - how to react and respond to it?

In today's youth humor, stories of life and just jokes often appears such a thing as a summons to the military enlistment office.It is associated with a very funny and events, as well as the very real fears and concerns of those who get into the army does not want to, and had approached the age of conscription, and on the threshold of the house looming strange men in uniform.

These people in recent years, many different techniques honed by zataskivaniyu particularly hard-nosed people in the armed forces.For this purpose, and intimidation, and persuasion, and sweet promises that the service will be honey, feed will be five times a day, and so on and so forth.Anyone who buys at this kind of provocation, most often in a place totally different from the one that describes a person who brings recruits to the draft board agenda.

Each paper has a reminder of the recruit.It is located on the rear side of the document.It lists all the sanctions that will be applied to recruits, if the agenda the draft board will be left without attention.The lack of reaction to the document come means that the citizen has become a deviationist, a man without any special rights and privileges until neprizyvnogo age.It is worth noting that under the law a person may well declare the wanted list, and then jailed.Why, only that no one should, as barman in the army will not take, and the need to carry out the plan.

agenda of the military enlistment office has the power of the document confirming that the person is aware of his duty and evades him, only if it is signed by the recruit.If thereof not, and deviationist all the bribes are smooth.Normally the agenda the draft board silently falls to the mailbox and there waits for draftee take it himself.This paper does not have any legal effect, and the easiest that can make a person not wishing to go into the army - to throw it far away.

Another thing - if the signature set.Such a summons to the military enlistment office - a reason to look deviationist.However, more often instead of investigative activities involve representatives of the military commissariat of internal affairs bodies, famously twists citizen and delivers it to the destination.So the person quickly, less than a day, goes to the part and starts passing Service.

If the agenda the draft board came, and still there is no delay, and ideas on how not to be, too, there are several options that will help buy time to develop an informed plan of action.First of all, you can use a special legal aid for recruits.These firms hold staff specially trained lawyers can challenge almost any action the military enlistment office.Second, you can challenge the decision of the medical committee and go take a full examination in any private hospital.Even if you do not find any disease, the whole process can stretch for months (if not years), during which the human urge to be impossible.

And the most simple method - a random mutilation.If messy fall and break an arm or even a leg, it will not be able to call upon during the recovery period.The most important thing - to put yourself injury is not necessary, it is dangerous and not very legitimate, but the fall, unfortunately, the law does not prohibit.

Still before to do something to delay, consider carefully whether your behavior match the proud title of "man".