How to make dumplings

All culinary historians agree that the version that it belongs to the Chinese people the right to primacy in the invention mantle.Version very believable - Chinese cooking art is admirable, and the mantle is indeed a dish, the taste of which do not get tired amazed.It is common throughout Asia, the Near and Far East.In Russia, manta rays and are very popular.Nothing in this surprising, in many respects we are also an Asian country.Deeply rooted in the national consciousness of the tragic misconception that manta rays - it's just dumplings, steamed.However, if all measured in certain categories, then you can agree to that, and pasties - a great fried dumplings.

Asked how to do dumplings, there are dozens of answers.Kazakh manti in many ways do not resemble Uzbek, and in Kazakhstan, each district makes them his own way.Not to mention the Turkish or Pakistani mantle.

has long been debate about how to make the dough into dumplings, egg or no egg.Consider both options without giving any of them preference.

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How to manta rays - not an easy task.In the Central Asian dumplings are traditionally unleavened dough for its preparation will need flour, salt, water and eggs (you can restrict the flour, salt and water).The dough is rolled out on the mantle is very thin.Its thickness should not exceed one millimeter.At the same time it is very elastic and does not break when a small thickness.To achieve this effect will mix the two types of flour, the highest and second grade in equal proportions.For one kilogram of flour mixture taken half a liter of water, two eggs and a teaspoon of salt.Knead the dough elastic, which is allowed to stand for 30-40 minutes for a good meal to be fed with water.

Then the dough is divided into several parts, each part is rolled into a bundle.The tow is cut into equal pieces, which are rolled out with a rolling pin.Another large system roll out the dough layers, which are then cut into equal squares with dimensions of 12x12 cm plus or minus 2 cm. Zaschipyvaem manta rays can be in various ways - envelope, pouch, tulips and so on.Geometric squares zaschipyvaem envelope, stick together the opposite corners first and then in pairs nearby, a round billet - a tulip or a bag.How to make dumplings, know every woman in Central Asia, and each does it differently.

Generally, meat dumplings from stuffing.Suitable lamb or beef.Meat minced finely cut used for the preparation of minced meat grinder can not get another dish, can be steam dumplings.Also chop the onion, add salt and pepper to taste, can and any other spices, someone like that.The minced meat can optionally add the pumpkin, it will give the dish flavor and juiciness.

How to Manti without mantyshnitsy?Very simply, it is possible to use a double boiler.Before cooking dumplings should be a bit lower in the oil, they may stick to the bottom of the perforated dishes.Prepare dumplings for about 20 minutes.Serve them with a variety of sauces.The most popular is a simple tomato sauce.To make it, take 3-4 large tomatoes, peel them from the peel and finely chop.Perezharte pepper in vegetable oil with the garlic, add the tomatoes and spices.Continue to fry for another five minutes.Remove from the heat to the sauce present.

very good with a mantle of cream sauce.Garlic and fresh herbs, finely cut green onions, pepper, and salted to taste.The mixture is poured fat sour cream, add all sorts of spices and all mixed.Cool the sauce in the refrigerator 15-20 minutes before serving to the mantle.Now that you know how to make dumplings in the east.Bon Appetit.