How to make sour cabbage.

Cabbage - vegetable crop, which is grown around the world.It is well kept.This allows you to cook cabbage dishes all year round.Cabbage - diet food, which is a source of vitamins, trace elements and minerals.

From cabbage cook a variety of dishes.To preserve the beneficial properties of vegetable consumed it in fresh or pickled form.Cook sauerkraut easy.For pickling should choose late varieties having good salt-coating properties.

How to make sour cabbage?The recipe in small containers for blanks at home.Salting cabbage banks in the winter does not require seaming tightly.It is prepared in small portions.Ready-made sauerkraut well can be stored in the refrigerator.And since it can be purchased at any time of the year, a new batch cook is not difficult.

How to make sour cabbage?The recipe acidic snacks in barrels or in small containers is the same.

Kvas cabbage at home can be in glass jars, enamel, ceramic or earthenware.Before preparing to head out purified from upper leaves and wash.

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organic vegetables chopped, placed in a broader capacity.Stir the salt, lightly crush to separate the juice.Mixed with carrots, grated previously on a coarse grater.Then the vegetables are placed in a tight container, which will make sour cabbage.The recipe can vary spices.They give the finished product a light edge.

in a glass jar tamped cabbage is very tight, up to the "shoulders".The enamel or earthenware vessels covered her clean plate, on which the weight is.In the process of fermentation evolved completely covers the cabbage juice.Cooking takes place at room temperature.To preform was not bitter, during fermentation vegetables gently stirred while removing the formed gas.After three days of harvesting ready.It was placed in the refrigerator.At room temperature, the fermentation process will continue, causing acidification of cabbage.

recipe sauerkraut standard.But any housewife in store their own secrets of preparation of this useful product.Many besides carrots add apple slices, cranberries and pomegranate seeds.Also, prepare a piquant sauerkraut with beets or sweet pepper.This dish takes on a peculiar taste.

When to make sour cabbage?In rural areas it is done immediately after the harvest, that is, upon the occurrence of the first frost.Yes, and in the cities of housewives around the same time begin to make sour cabbage.Recipe can choose any, but you can make blanks in several ways.People say that we should wait for the waxing moon in the next day, in the name of which includes the letter 'p', embarking on sauerkraut, which is obtained juicy and crispy.

Sauerkraut - a product with excellent taste.In addition, it has dietary and medicinal properties.It is often included in the diet of people who are overweight and suffering from cardiovascular diseases.