The most interesting inventions of ancient Greece

Connoisseurs history argue that the development of European culture would have been impossible without the Ancient Greece.Indeed, the modern world owes much to Hellas.

military mechanics and electronics

studying the discoveries and inventions of ancient Greece, it should immediately be said that the representatives of this ancient civilization to put more emphasis on the development of military equipment and related disciplines.In particular, it is one of the first Greeks have learned to create a battering device - catapults and ballista.Many new devices appeared siege during the Peloponnesian War.Then there were containers for breaking walls and awnings turtle intended to protect against arrows and spears.

interesting to know that siege weapons were used not only during the siege of the cities, but in the sea battles.This in turn led to changes in the design of vehicles.Instead of old vessels were used mnogovёselnye and stacked design.Number of levels on the ship could reach five, eight, and more!

Inventions of Ancient Greece is not by chance have been associated with war, as in the troubled times was surrounded by enemies on all sides.One of the most powerful siege engines considered nine-gelepola.To move this colossus had 3,500 people who were engaged in the construction of roads and ditches arrangement, in addition, they cleared the area for tools.

against opponents siege equipment used defensive unit.So, during the siege of Syracuse (213 AD. E.) The inhabitants of the besieged city was used mechanical devices developed by Archimedes, the Roman ships caught on strong hooks and drowned them.

Production Equipment

Simultaneously with the military to develop other types of vehicles.In particular, considering the invention of ancient Greece, it is worth noting the creation of an Archimedean screw, yavivsheesya turning point.On its basis was designed so-called Egyptian snail - vodocherpatelnoe wheel with buckets, which are driven at the expense of animal power and water mill.This device began to actively introduce into the milling and mining - the main branch of the Hellenic production.

Noteworthy and other inventions of ancient Greece: a water mill, a horizontal loom, improvement of forging hammers and forges.

large number of achievements have been made in the fields of manufacturing of paints, leather tanning, and glass blowing.

Science Ancient Greece

Let's talk about those scientists and inventors who have made the greatest contribution to the development of science itself, not only Greece, but all over the world.But they were not so small.But, naturally, we will focus on the most famous.


first great personality - it is certainly Thales.It is believed that this man was the first who studied the movement of the sun across the sky.He also advanced the theory that the moon only reflects light, and solar eclipses occur in those moments when between the Earth and the celestial luminary satellite passes.In addition, Thales suggested using the model of the Egyptian calendar, in which the year consisted of 365 days divided into 12 months of 30 days each (5 days while falling out).

We should talk about Aristarchus, who is often called the Copernicus of Antiquity.The most famous and only surviving work of this pundit - the book "About the size of the Sun and Moon and the distance to them."Inventions of ancient Greece attributed to him - the proof of the motion of the Earth around its axis and around the sun.In addition, he is considered the founder of trigonometry and optics.

Hipparchus - another famous Greek scientist who introduced coordinate a network of parallels and meridians to determine the longitude and latitude on the earth.He was the first in the world trigonometric tables and learned to predict eclipses of the Sun to the nearest hour.

But another philosopher, astronomer and mathematician, Anaxagoras of Clazomenae, was accused of atheism and hounded out of their assumption that the sun is a giant fiery mass.


The more famous Ancient Greece?Inventions of this civilization are still alive.For example, Crates Mallsky (Pergamon) is considered the creator of the first model of the globe.


One of the most respected in Greece - Mathematics.Archimedes, which we have already mentioned above, a huge number of discoveries made in the field of geometry, and laid the foundations of hydrostatics and mechanics.Thales is also working in this area.In particular, that he was able to prove several theorems (equality of vertical angles, a division of the circle in half along the line diameter, etc.).More from school, we all remember the Pythagorean theorem, which was also proved in that period.

Other discoveries Greeks

The more famous Ancient Greece?Achievements and inventions of this country, we even use.For example, a talented inventor Heron invented a machine for sale of sacred water - the prototype of modern coffee machines.

favorite pastime of the Greeks was a mechanical puppet theater, all the dolls that move automatically.

Well, if you want to select the most extensive ancient Greek invention, there is, first of all, it is worth remembering the "eolipile Heron" - the first prototype of the steam turbines that appeared after 2000 years after the appearance of a toy.